"I said to myself, I need to do something other than Crochet today ...then I laughed and laughed"

Crochet Galilee Slippers Are Super Cute

You won't be able to wait to make these gorgeous Galilee Crochet Slippers and we have them from booties to adult sizing. There's a reason that they have been one of the most popular patterns on the planet for the creator and they will take your skills to the next level. Check out the ideas now.

Crochet Cabbage Patch Hats Pattern

Can you think of someone you know who would love to receive an adorable Crochet Cabbage Hat for their little one. They are so much fun for photos and everyone loves them. They make fabulous gifts too. We have included video tutorials to show you how to make them and links to purchase if you prefer.

Crochet Daisy Granny Square Pattern Video

We have loads of gorgeous FREE Crochet Patterns for you to try here in our Crochet Daisy Projects post! They're very versatile and you can use them to make Blankets, Cushions, Granny Squares or lovely Coasters. Check out the Kitchen Set as well and the Vintage Daisy Blanket.

Crochet Daisy Granny Square Blanket

This Crochet Flower Blanket is button cute and will look beautiful in your home! Check out the FREE Pattern now.

Orange Blossom Crochet Blanket Pattern

This gorgeous Blossom Crochet Afghan Blanket has stunning detail and you will love to make it for a favorite space in your place. It's a fabulous free pattern and you are going to love showing it off! Check out all the details now.

Crochet Feathers Pattern Ideas

Learn how to make these gorgeous Crochet Feathers. They are perfect as Bookmarks or pop them on a dream catcher. Our post has free patterns plus a video tutorial. Check out the ideas now!

Spring Into Summer Crochet Blanket

This 'Spring Into Summer' Crochet Blanket is one of our favorite Free Patterns and you are going to love the stunning results. It uses a wonderful self striping effect and we have a video tutorial that will teach you this popular technique. Check out all our handpicked ideas now.

Gorgeous Unisex Slippers Free Pattern

It's easy to see why these Slipper Boots have been one of our most popular ever! They are Unisex and available in Knitted and Crochet Free Patterns. Check them out now!

Corner To Corner Crochet Patterns

Learn the popular technique of Corner To Corner Crochet Pattern Blanket Ideas. We have rounded up our favorites and there is something for everyone. We also have a Video Tutorial from Crochet Crowd that shows you exactly how to recreate an animal square. Check out the ideas now.

Crochet Cactus Ideas For Brown Thumbs

Crochet Cactus Patterns are all the rage and we've put together the ultimate collection for you to try. There's plenty of free patterns, succulents and even some knitted versions. Try the video tutorial too!

Popcorn Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern

We're excited to share this gorgeous Popcorn Slouchy Crochet Hat with you from our new Contributors, Indie Road Magazine. We have the full free pattern details in our post plus a free copy of their new magazine for you to peruse. This Hat is a must add to your wardrobe and you are going to love the results. Why not make one for a friend? Check out the details now.

Crochet Button Flowers Video Tutorial

Wondering what to do with those old buttons? Create these beautiful Crochet Button Flowers! We've included loads of FREE Patterns and Wall Art Ideas that you won't want to miss. We have a video plus another cute project that shows you how to make Crochet Flowers using Soda Can Tabs. Don't miss these ideas.

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