Monday 20 August 2018


“I said to myself, I need to do something other than Crochet today …
then I laughed and laughed”

Nature Blanket Gorgeous Free Crochet Pattern

We are excited to share this fabulous Corner To Corner Crochet Blanket with you and to say it's a stunner is an understatement. It has 12 squares that includes a smorgasboard of flowers, ladybug, apple tree and butterfly. We have all the squares plus a video to show you how to change color when crocheting. The best part, it's a fabulous FREE PATTERN.

The Cutest Collection Of Unicorn Crochet Patterns

Your will love this selection of Crochet Unicorns and we have plenty of FREE patterns included. There's something fun for everyone. Check them out now and Pin your favorites.

Crochet and Knitted Cowls Patterns You Will Love

We have put together an amazing collection of Crochet and Knitted Cowls that you will absolutely love. The post is full of fabulous Free Patterns and is one of our most popular posts! Check out the ideas and Pin your favorites.

You’ll Love This Collection Of Converse Slippers

Everyone is head over heels for these Crochet Converse Slippers. We have free patterns in booties, adult, crochet and knitted. We even have some awesome ready made versions you can purchase for a small amount. View now!

How To Crochet Super Cute Mary Jane Booties

You will love to make these Mary Jane Crochet Shoes and they are all fabulous FREE Patterns! We've included adorable Double Strapped Baby Shoes too.

Breathtaking Crochet That Will Blow You Away

Today we're featuring one of Etsys Most popular Crochet Shops. They have 5 star rating with over 4400 reviews and their designs include blankets, hats, tote bags to name but a few. We have handpicked our favorite designs and you will be thrilled with what you see. You will love these spectacular creations. View now.

Learn How To Crochet The Amazing Crocodile Stitch

Ever wondered how to Crocodile Crochet? Master the art today with the video tutorial we have included. We have lots of amazing projects including booties, slippers and more. You'll love the fabulous Mermaid Tail and this gorgeous Scarf too. Don't miss all the ideas.

Crochet Braid Puff Stitch Pattern Video Tutorial

Have you discovered the Crochet Braid Puff Stitch? It's a gorgeous chunky texture that's perfect for Scarves, Hats, Blankets and all your favorite projects. Be sure to watch the video tutorial now and view the handpicked patterns.

Superhero Crochet Blanket Patterns Are Amazing

Everyone's loving these crochet superhero blanket pattern ideas and you will too. We have all your favorites and you'll be spoilt for choice.

You Will Fall Hard For These Frozen Crochet Ideas

You'll love our fantastic collection of Frozen Crochet Projects and there's something for everyone. Check out the Blankets, the toys and the fabulous hats. You will love what you see.

Crochet Button Flowers Lots Of Gorgeous Ideas

Wondering what to do with those old buttons? Create these beautiful Crochet Button Flowers! We've included loads of FREE Patterns and Wall Art Ideas that you won't want to miss. We have a video plus another cute project that shows you how to make Crochet Flowers using Soda Can Tabs. Don't miss these ideas.

Crochet Rainbow Basket Free Pattern

You can make this colorful Ropey Rainbow Basket even if your crocheting skills are beginner level. They make the perfect storage basket and they are just one of many designs we have picked out for you. They are free patterns and we have a quick video to show you how.

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