We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Beaded Crochet Patterns and there’s one to suit you. Check out all the beautiful ideas now.

If you are on the hunt for beaded crochet patterns, you will love this collection that we have rounded up for you.

They are perfect for edging and borders on your projects or as bracelets and chokers. You can select from a number of popular designs that will definitely test your skills.

Beaded Crochet Pattern

via Sheru Knitting

This beautiful crochet lace tape pattern is great for making belts, jewelry, and edgings. It is perfect to embellish handbags, purses or you can use it as a part of a lace project.

Tape Crochet Pattern Tutorial

via Youtube

There is some exquisite detail in this Crochet Tape Pattern. Imagine the effects you can achieve when you edge a blanket or clothing. This is truly stunning

Crochet Wide Tape Free Pattern

via Sheru Knitting, Youtube.

Another pretty pattern is this wide tape lace version. Again, you can incorporate it with your various projects for an interesting focal point.

Beaded Flower Lace Crochet Tutorial

via Sheru Knitting

We never tire of flowers and this beaded lace version is absolutely gorgeous. You can use these for appliques for hats and jackets and they would even make fabulous oversized buttons.

Crochet Shell Stitch Tutorial

via Sheru Knitting

Everyone loves Shell Stitch and this beaded design is a definite for your must-make list. It’s also a lot easier than you think.

Two-Sided Flat Tape With Beads

via Sheru Knitting

This lovely version is flatter than some of the other designs. It has a lovely interlocked appearance and is showcased in ombre tonings.

via Sheru Knitting

Pearl Crochet Beaded Pattern

via Sheru Knitting 

This Pearl Crochet Beaded Pattern is one of the most popular and it’s easy to see why. We have included a video tutorial below that will show you how to nail the pattern perfectly.

Beaded Crochet Tape Video Tutorial

via Sheru Knitting, Youtube.

This easy to follow video tutorial takes you through every step of making this beaded crochet tape pattern. Click play above to view the video now ^

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