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Crochet And Knitted Cat Hat Patterns

If you are on the hunt for a Cat Hat Crochet Pattern, we have got you covered with an assortment of cute ideas you’ll …

Cat Hat Crochet Pattern

You’ll love this collection of Crochet and Knitted Cat Hats for you to make! There’s one for Christmas, Birthdays and just for fun.

You’ll love the Crochet Cat Frog Hat, the Crochet Cat Unicorn Hat, the Crochet Cat Teddy Bear Hat and the Devils Horns.

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Crochet Viking Cat Hat

Crochet Cat Viking Hat Pattern

We’ve included a link to a best-selling Cat Hat Book too. Scroll our post to view them all and Pin your favorites.

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Cat Hat Knitted Pattern

Cat Hat Crochet Frog Hat Pattern

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Cat Hat Knitted Frog Pattern

Knitted Frog Hat Pattern

Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

When did you last upgrade your Crochet Hooks? Check out our collection of Best Selling Ergonomic Hooks that are super affordable and also have comfortable Rubber Handles to reduce Wrist Pain. They’re colour coded by hook size. View Here

Cat Hat Crochet Pattern

Crochet Cat Monster Hat

Crochet Unicorn Cat Hat Pattern

Unicorn Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

Santa Claus Knitted Hat Pattern

Crochet Christmas Hat Pattern

Crochet Christmas Hat Pattern

Cat and Dog Reindeer Hat

Why not buy your furry friend a Reindeer Hat for Christmas. You can grab them for your Cat or Dog.  Purchase Here 

Crochet Cat Teddy Bear Hat Pattern

Teddy Bear Crochet Hat Pattern

Knitted Teddy Bear Cat Hat

Cat Hat Knitted Teddy Bear Ears Pattern

Crochet Wizard Hat Pattern

Crochet Cat Wizard Hat Pattern

Leprechaun Crochet Hat Pattern

Leprechaun Cat Crochet Hat Pattern

Crochet Cat Birthday Hat Pattern

Birthday Cat Hat Crochet Pattern
Crochet Cat Hat PatternDevils Horns Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

Crochet Graduation Cat Hat Pattern

Crochet Graduation Cat Hat Pattern

Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

Dinosaur Crochet Cat Hat

This Crochet Dinosaur Cat Hat is one of 30 knitted and crochet hat patterns available in the best selling ‘Cats in Hats’ Hardcover Book. You are going to love it and it makes an awesome gift and is inexpensive too.

—> Purchase your copy Here

Cats in Hats 30 Patterns

—> Purchase your copy Here

Crochet Pet Tie

Crochet Pet Tie Here

Here’s another cute idea purrrrfect for your pussy! Everyone is loving this Crochet Cat Tree! Get Yours Here

Crochet Cat Cave

Crochet Cat Cave Pattern


Dog Crochet and Knitted Patterns

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