You Will Love This Crafter Granny Caddy

You’ll love having this adorable Crafter Granny Crochet Doll and she doubles as a Pin Cushion. Check out the fabulous free pattern now.

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crafter granny crochet doll

To say we were excited when we came across this Crafter Granny Crochet Doll Free Pattern is an understatement. Our community went crazy and immediately fell in love.

It’s extremely easy to see why and you will too! This cute crochet caddy will come in so handy and you won’t be able to wait to make her.

via Zhaya Designs

Crafter Granny Crochet Doll Free Pattern

via Zhava Designs

Zhaya Designs is the creator behind Crafter Granny and we were amazed at the many different versions that have been made.

Crocheters have customized theirs to give them a uniquely individual look. That is the beauty of this pattern. You can add your own embellishments and really put your stamp on it!

via Zhaya Designs

You can download a free pattern for the Crafter Granny Crochet Doll on Zhaya Designs. As mentioned previously, there are plenty of other versions in the gallery that you can view.

You are guaranteed to find lots of inspiration.

via Zhaya Designs

Here’s another version that has been made using the pattern and we love the long hair. Some people sure are clever!

via golden lucy crafts

Crafter Granny

via Golden Lucy Crafts

When Olena, a crocheter, discovered the Crafter Granny pattern, she couldn’t wait to make it. She used the above free pattern and here are the results! Great effort, she looks beautiful!


Crochet Sally Caddy

Free Pattern via Ravelry

Another adorable idea that we found on Ravelry is this Crochet Sally Caddy and it’s another fabulous free pattern with an excellent photo tutorial.

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