Crochet Animal Rugs Beautiful Patterns

We’ve put together a collection of Crochet Animal Rugs including Elephant Rug, Turtle Rug, Crochet Butterfly Rug to name a few!

Elephant Crochet Rug Pattern

Add a splash of color to your rooms with these adorable Crochet Animal Rugs that are just so incredibly cute!

There’s a lovely range to choose from and the kids will love them. You’ll find a Ladybug, Hippo, Caterpillar and Penguin and the Elephant Rug is a must make. You will find all the links to the Patterns under the photos. Scroll to the end and Pin your favorites. 

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Crochet Ladybug, Hippo, Penguin, Caterpillar Rug Patterns

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Elephant Animal Crochet Rug Free Pattern

Get pattern — Elephant Animal Crochet Rug Free Pattern 

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Sea Turtle Mat Free Crochet Pattern

get pattern — Sea Turtle Crochet Mat Free Pattern 

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Whale Crochet Rug Pattern

get pattern —> Whale Crochet Rug 

Crochet Animal Rugs

get pattern —> Crochet Peacock Rug Pattern 

Elephant Crochet Rug Pattern

Elephant Crochet Rug Pattern

get  pattern —> Elephant Crochet Rug Pattern

Elephant Crochet Rug

get  pattern —> Elephant Crochet Rug Pattern

Crochet Elephant Rug Pattern

Crochet Elephant Rug made by TS Simply Chic – purchase here

Crochet Teddy Bear Rug

get free pattern (translates to english) —> Crochet Teddy Bear Rug 

get pattern —> Crochet Lamb Rug 

Animal Crochet Rug

get pattern —> Crochet Pug Rug 

Elephant Crochet Blanket

get pattern —> Elephant Crochet Blanket

Elephant Crochet Blanket

get pattern —> Elephant Crochet Blanket Crochet Elephant Rug

get pattern —> Elephant Crochet Blanket

Crochet Butterfly Rug

get pattern —> Crochet Butterfly Rug 

Crochet Ladybug Rug Pattern

get pattern —> Crochet Ladybird Rug

Crochet Penguin Rug Pattern

get pattern —> Crochet Penguin Rug 

Crochet Caterpillar Bug Rug Pattern

get pattern —>  Crochet Bug Rug 

Crochet Hippo Rug Pattern

get pattern —> Crochet Hippo Rug 

Crochet Butterfly Rug Patterns

get pattern —> Crochet Butterfly Rug Patterns

Crochet Ladybug Rug

—> Purchase Crochet Ladybug Rug 

Crochet Butterfly Rug

—> purchase Crochet Butterfly Rug 

Crochet Fox Rug

—> Purchase Crochet Fox Rug 

French Bulldog Crochet Rug

—> Purchase Crochet French Bulldog Rug 

Crochet Cat Mat

—> Purchase Crochet Cat Mat

Crochet Panda Rug

—> Purchase Crochet Panda Rug 

Crochet Sock Monkey Rug

—> Purchase Crochet Sock Monkey Rug 

Crochet Penguin Rug

—> Purchase Crochet Penguin Rug

Crochet Animal Cushions

—> view here Crochet Animal Cushions 

Cat Rug

Cat Rug via Pinterest 

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