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It’s a cross between a Scarf and a Hoodie and it’s known as a Crochet Animal Scoodie! You will love to make one for you and a friend …

Crochet Animal Scoodie Pattern

Is it a Scarf? Is it a Hoodie? It’s a Crochet Scoodie and doesn’t it look fabulous! We’ve put together a collection of great ideas.

You’ll find plenty of Free Patterns for you to try out including a Fox and a Cat and your family and friends will be lining up for one!

Crochet Scoodie with Ears

Crochet Scoodie with Ears via Etsy 

While you’re here, be sure that you also check out the Animal Crochet Scarves. Scroll our page all the way to the end and check out all the versions. Be sure that you Pin your favorites and you watch the video tutorial also.

How To Crochet Scoodie with Ears -:

Like to know how to Crochet your own Scoodie with ears? We have found an excellent video that steps you through the process. You can crochet along! Click Play above to view ^

Crochet Scoodie with Ears

Crochet Scoodie with Ears Pattern via Etsy  

Crochet Scoodie Pattern

Crochet Scoodie with Ears Pattern  via Etsy

Crochet Animal Scoodie

Crochet Scoodie with Ears Pattern via Etsy

Crochet Animal Scoodie Pattern

The site for the Fox Scoodie Crochet Pattern above seems to be down. We have included another Fox Scoodie Below.

Crochet Animal Scoodie Pattern

Fox Scoodie Free Crochet Pattern 

Fox Crochet Scoodie With Pockets

Fox Scoodie via Ravelry Project Gallery 

Crochet Cat Scoodie

 Cat Scoodie FREE Crochet Pattern

Panda Crochet Scoodie

Panda Crochet Scoodie via Etsy

Crochet Animal Scoodie Pattern

We love these awesome Crochet Animal Scoodies and they are just 3 of 20 fantastic patterns available in this must have Book. Check it out on Amazon here 

Cat Scoodie

Crochet Scoodie with Ears via Etsy

Crochet Animal Scoodie Pattern

Crochet Animal Scoodie Free Pattern via Ravelry 

Don’t miss our hugely popular post that includes this Fox Hooded Cowl Pattern. View all the great ideas here

fox hooded cowl crochet pattern free

Crochet Cat Scoodie Free Pattern

Crochet Animal Scoodie Pattern The WHOot

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