There is something that is so cute about baby toes! We’ve put together a collection of the most adorable Crochet Baby Flip Flops Free Patterns Ever!

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crochet baby flip flops free pattern

We fell head over heels when our eyes spied these adorable Crochet Baby Flip Flop Sandals. The free pattern from Whistle and Ivy has gone viral and it’s one of many we have included in our post.

We have even found you a video tutorial and be sure that you check out all the other free baby crochet ideas too.

Crochet Baby Flip Flops Whistle And Ivy Video

We have found an excellent tutorial from Whistle and Ivy, the creator of these adorable Crochet Baby Flip Flops.

It’s easy to follow along with and you will love the super cute results. Be sure to visit Bethany on Etsy too. Click Play above to view now ^

baby flip flops

Flip Flop Patterns via Youtube 

Crochet Baby Sunflower Sandals

Free Pattern via Liberty Crochet 

Crochet Gladiator Sandals

Free Pattern via Whistle and Ivy 


Baby Ruby Red Ballerina Slippers Free Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern via Maluu Quices

Free Pattern via Whistle and Ivy 

Baby Sandals Free Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern via Lovely Little Life 

Baby Barefoot Sandals

Free Pattern via Ravelry

Crochet Butterfly Baby Sandals Free Pattern

Free Pattern via Repeat Crafter Me

Free Pattern via Whistle and Ivy 

Free Pattern via Whistle and Ivy 

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