Crochet Baby Sandals Patterns Are Adorable

We’ve rounded up the cutest crochet baby sandals patterns to cover those adorable, teeny, tiny little feet. You will be spoilt for choice and there’s something for everyone.

Baby feet are so sweet, but they can look even cuter with these crochet baby sandals patterns! We rounded up the best ones we could find, and have put them in one place that you can peruse.

Most of the patterns are easy to follow and come in a wide range of sizes from newborn to 12 months. They’re also very simple and there are a number of unique styles and free patterns.

Crochet Baby Sandals via Two Girls Patterns

The most important thing to remember when crocheting for a baby is to measure their feet first. Most babies won’t actually fit into their ‘size’ as indicated on baby clothes or shoes.

If you already have a pair of shoes they wear, then you can use those a guide. Pretty these sandals up by adding your own cute touches and appliques to them to make them extra special.

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Free Pattern at Whistle And Ivy

Crochet Baby Sandals Free Pattern 

via erkenraadje – Free pattern from Everything’s Crochet


via TwoGirlsPatterns Etsy Shop 

via TwoGirlsPatterns Etsy Shop

via TwoGirlsPatterns Etsy Shop

gladiator sandal via  Whistle & Ivy

Free Pattern via ThisLovelyLife

Tutorial crochetCrosia

free pattern via Crochet Zone

Free Crochet Pattern via HappyBerry

Baby Sandals Pattern via Karapooz Crochet

Butterfly Sandal via Repeat Crafter Me

Pattern via Mon Petit Violon on Etsy

Crochet Baby Sandals Pattern via youtube 

Pattern via MatildasMeadow on Etsy

via  OasiDellaMaglia on Craftsy 

Pattern via Crochet Dreamz

Pattern via MatildasMeadow on Etsy

Free Pattern via HopefulHoney

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