Crochet Bird Patterns You’ll Love

We’ve rounded up some of the cutest and most unique Crochet Bird Patterns that you will find. Check them all out now.

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The minute our eyes spied these adorable Crochet Bird Patterns we knew we had to share them with you. If you are mesmerized by our feathered friends, then you will love these ideas.

We’ve rounded up patterns featuring big birds, small birds, and every type in-between. There is something for everyone!

In our travels, we found these readymade versions that are being sold on Etsy. The designs are popular with buyers.

Crochet Budgie Pattern

via Etsy

It’s easy to see why this Budgie Crochet Pattern has been a best seller for the creator. The colors and details ensure a beautiful result.


Custom Crochet Parrots

via Etsy

You can also have your very own Crochet Parrot made up to your own specifications. They make fantastic gifts and look so realistic!

Feathered Friends Crochet Pattern

via Etsy

Another hugely popular bird pattern on Etsy is this feathered friends collection. It’s great value and they come with detailed instructions.

Crochet Cockatiels

Crochet Parrot Pattern

via Etsy

English Robin Free Pattern

This English Robin is a real cutie and you’ll love the fact that it’s a fabulous free pattern.

Curious Crochet Crow Free Pattern

This curious Crochet Crow is another adorable creation that you will be keen to make.

Crochet Hummingbird Pattern

This hummingbird pattern comes from Red Haired Amazona and uses a 2mm hook and the author says any size hook and yarn combo will do.

Songbird Crochet Pattern

via Crafty Intentions 

Crochet Parrot Macaw Pattern

This Best Selling red and green Macaw Crochet Pattern is a must make for any bird lover. It’s easy to see why it’s been so popular.

Blue And Yellow Macaw Pattern

via Etsy

Rainbow Lorikeet Crochet Pattern

via Etsy

Crochet Cockatoo Pattern

via Etsy


Crochet Cardinal Bird

via Etsy

What a cutie this little red Cardinal is. He is a must make to add to your collection.

Crochet Robin Pattern

via Etsy

Super cute and ready and waiting to be added to your collection is this popular Robin. We love how life-like he is.

Crochet Cardinal Bird

This bright red cardinal would make a lovely Christmas tree decoration or a nice little friend for a houseplant.

Crochet Bird Collection

Over on Etsy, there are a number of fabulous readymades like the ones above.

Crochet Robin Birds Pattern

These Crochet Robin Birds have been very popular for Etsy Shop Little Conkers and we’re sure you will love to add them to your collection.

Crochet Bird Pattern

These charming songbirds could light up the mood in any room! Add some safety eyes if you’d like, or keep it simple as the creator did.

Free Crochet Bird Pattern

Here are some more from the same family. The creator is extremely talented as you can see.

Adorable Crochet Amigurumi Bird

You can find this adorable crochet bird pattern on youtube. Follow along with the pattern and video tutorial.

Crochet Baby Flamingo Free Pattern

Babies don’t get much cuter than this adorable Baby Flamingo and it’s another wonderful free pattern.

Crochet Baby Snowy Owl Free Pattern

Another one that you will love to add to your collection is this adorable Crochet Baby Snowy Owl.

Crochet Mother Duck Pattern

This Crochet Mother Duck and her baby ducklings is a best seller on Etsy and it’s easy to see why.

Crochet Birds Free Pattern

This oldie-but-goodie pattern from Marlo D. Cairns is still available thanks to the WayBackMachine archiving it.

These adorable little birds feature really unique wings and cute open beaks.

Crochet Kookaburra Pattern

via Etsy

You will love to add this super popular and entirely cute Crochet Kookaburra to your collection.

Crochet Blue Tit

via Etsy

Just look at the incredible detail that is included in this sweet little blue tit. This is another must-make to add to your collection.


Crochet Crow Pattern

via Etsy

Another best-selling pattern for the creator, it’s easy to see why everyone is loving this gorgeous Crochet Crow.

Crochet Bird Pattern Tutorial

We love this tutorial from Lisa Auch, which shows you how to crochet a bird and put your own creative touch on it! We just love the wings on the one she made above, which she shares how to make in her post.

Crochet Bird Video Tutorial

We are including a video tutorial that shows you how to make these super cute Birds from Red Haired Amazon.

She has excellent instructions and says these birds are easy to make. Click Play above to watch now ^


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