Crochet Bookmarks Patterns And Ideas

We just know you’re going to enjoy that new novel even more with these beautiful crochet bookmarks! We’ve found the best ideas and patterns and we know you will love them.

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If you love a good book, then you’re going to adore these crochet bookmarks. We’ve rounded up the best bookmark patterns and ideas and they sure are super cute.

All of these bookmark projects work up pretty quickly, making them a great holiday gift idea, or a great project for a beginner.

Crochet Frog Bookmark

via Supergurumi Crafts

We bet this one made you laugh! This crazy frog bookmark by Supergurumi has a long frog tongue sticking out the top of your book and his green little feet below.

Attached to a flat body that fits between pages, this bookmark is perfect for anyone who loves the green croakers!

via supergarumi crafts

Crochet Rat Bookmark Pattern

via Supergarumi Crafts

Another very popular bookmark pattern is this super cute Rat! He has the sweetest face! Rats actually don’t deserve their bad rap. They are known to be very kind and actually repay the kindness to those that show it. Next time you see one, view him differently!

via supergarumi

Crochet Sheep Bookmark Pattern

via Supergurumi

Here is a really cute pattern that’s sure to get chuckles out of anyone! This adorable amigurumi bookmark is a sheep head, with a long flat body and little legs sticking out the bottom!

via Supergurumi

Crochet Fox Bookmark Pattern

via Supergurumi

No collection would be complete without the inclusion of an adorable fox! This one is the sweetest ever and you will love popping him in a favorite book.

via Supergurumi

Crochet Bunny Bookmark Pattern

via Supergurumi

Who doesn’t love a bunny, especially when it’s a bookmark! You definitely need to add this one to your must-make list!

Crochet Snake Bookmark Pattern

via Supergurumi

via Supergurumi

Crochet Minion Bookmark Pattern

via Supergurumi

Everyone loves Minions and if you do too, this Bookmark Minion will be a favorite. It’s quick and easy to whip up and makes a cute gift too.

Crochet Unicorn Bookmark

via Little Millamoo

via Gebeya

Readymade Crochet Bookmarks

via Gebeya

If you don’t crochet and would like to buy some readymade versions, you can purchase them on Etsy.

Crochet Bookmark Animals Patterns

via Supergurumi

via heart hook home

Assorted Crochet Bookmark Patterns

via Heart Hook Home

Here’s a great collection from Heart Hook Home. You can choose from a koala, elephant, pig, giraffe to name but a few.


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