You’ll Love These Crochet Butterflies

Are you on the hunt for a Crochet Butterflies Pattern? We have put together the cutest collection that you are going to love. Check them all out now and Pin your favorites.

Butterflies are so adorable and we have shared lots of cute projects with you over time. Well, today we’ve put together a collection of colorful Crochet Butterflies and they are pretty as a picture!

We’ve included gorgeous Applique Butterflies, Pins, Rugs, Throws, a Wreath and a Baby Blanket Cocoon version. They’ll look beautiful in any room. Scroll our post and Pin your favorites.

These Beautiful Crochet Butterflies come from The Hat and I and have been hugely popular. As you can see from the photos above, there are a number of ways that you can use them including a mobile and also on hair clips. You can get the free pattern here

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We love these Crochet Butterflies from Playin’ Hooky Designs and the designer shares some of her favorite free patterns on her site. You can see the details here

These beautiful and very delicate Butterflies come to us from La Magia Del Crochet. There is a youtube video tutorial that shows you how to recreate them here 

Crochet Butterfly Pattern The WHOot

These very pretty Butterfly Pins from Happy Ghan is another fabulous free pattern. Don’t you love the detailed edging and also the multiple colors? You can get the details here

Crochet Butterfly Video Tutorial

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to crochet a Butterfly. Click Play above to watch now ^

These Crochet Swallowtail Butterflies are truly gorgeous and you can see the various styles that can be made with the free pattern. You can get the details here

Over on Dish Cloth Diaries, the creator has come up with this wonderful 3D Crochet Pattern that again is free for your use. You can wear this as a brooch or pop it on hats and blankets. You can get the free pattern here

Here’s another super cute butterfly pattern that we have come across in our travels. As you can see from the photos it has some interesting and intricate details that draw the eye. You can find the details here

Another interesting and unique crochet butterfly pattern is this one from My Picot. This would be gorgeous added to a hat, coat or blanket. You can get the details here

Here’s another stunner from My Picot and it has some other interesting details that you will love to try. We love the color combinations that have been used too. Get the free pattern here

Here’s a beautiful delicate butterfly that has a doily effect and it is very intricate. You’ll be happy to know that this is another fabulous free pattern. You can get the details here

On Crochet Dynamite, the creator has made these gorgeous Crochet Butterfly Hair Clips and who wouldn’t want to wear them. The bling looks very pretty. Get the free pattern here 

These sweet little butterflies have very pretty and delicate scalloped wings and circles are featured in the wings. You can find the details for this free pattern here

Over on Fine Craft Guild they have this lovely 3D Crochet Butterfly and you can add it to blankets or granny squares as shown in the picture. You can get the details here

My Picot has another lovely free pattern and this butterfly edge is perfect for blankets and cushions and the like. It will take your projects to the next level. You can get the details here 

Over on Golden Lucy Crafts, you will find these adorable Crochet Butterfly Appliques that would be perfect for all your favorite projects. You can get the free pattern here

Elena Regina Wool has a challenge for you and you can put your skills to the test with a few color changes. You can get the free pattern details on her site here 

You can also make a Crochet Mobile like this one featured by The Hat and I. This would be lovely in a nursery or a favorite space. You can get the pattern here

Apart from a Crochet Mobile, you can also make a crochet wreath utilizing your crochet butterflies. We have found a lovely free pattern for you to try on Crochetier here

We have also included some other Butterfly projects that we were sure that you would love. This Crochet Butterfly Afghan Blanket is another free pattern and you can get details here

This beautiful Crochet Butterfly Rug Pattern is another stunner and the colors are just so vibrant. It will certainly brighten up your home. You can get the details from Etsy here 

Here’s another lovely Crochet Butterfly Pattern and it is a free download however you will need to join the site to gain access. You can get the details here

This vintage crochet butterflies rug pattern has a distinct 70’s feel and don’t you love the rainbow wings. You can find the pattern on Etsy for a small amount here

This Crochet Baby Cocoon Butterfly Blanket is another popular creation and comes to us from Redheart. It’s also a free crochet pattern. Get the details here

We love this Crochet Floor Rug and we bet you have someone in mind to purchase this one for. It’s available in readymade form on Etsy. You can see the range here

Another idea that we simply had to share with you are these beyond gorgeous Butterfly Crochet Baby Rattles. We found them on Etsy and they have been very popular. Get the pattern here

Meet Cathy The Butterfly, she is one of the gorgeous Crochet Rugs that are available on Etsy via popular Creator Ira Rott. You can get the pattern here

These Amigurumi Crochet Butterflies are another free pattern that you can add to your collection and they come to us from Daxa Rabalea. Get the free pattern here

Butterfly Crochet Blanket

These Crochet Butterfly Cocoons will be a hit in your home and we’re sure you have just the person to make them for. You can get your Pattern on Etsy from MJ’s Off The Hook Designs Here

You can use this free crochet pattern to make butterfly wings or use for a mobile. This pattern comes from Ravelry and the wings are made with wire. Get the pattern here

Crochet Baby Butterfly Cocoon Pattern

Want more? Why not check out this super cute Crochet Butterfly Cocoon. It’s one of many more fun ideas that you are bound to love. Check out all the ideas here

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