Crochet Cactus Ideas For Brown Thumbs

Crochet Cactus patterns are all the rage right now, and we are obsessed! We created a list of the best patterns and gifts for you.

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Cacti are exciting, diverse plants, with over 1750 species known! Most are native to the Americans, and you can find Cacti plants from South America all the way north, in Canada.

Some species have beautiful flowers that bloom, pollinated by bats, moths, or bees. Many cactus fruits are edible, eaten by desert creatures like mice, goats, birds, ants, and humans.

If you don’t have a green thumb, a Crochet Cactus is the answer for you. You don’t have to worry about watering and a Crochet Cactus will thrive anywhere with zero maintenance making it a brown thumbs dream plant!

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We’ve rounded up a collection of the most popular Crochet Cactus ideas and you are going to be spoilt for choice.

We have also included a video tutorial that shows you how. Scroll our page for all the details and Pin your favorites.

Crochet Cactus Video Tutorial

These adorable cacti are placed in tiny pots and adorned with little eyes and rosy cheeks! The video is easy to follow and you will be making your own in no time. Click Play above ^

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via Airali Design

Did you know that there are 1,500 to 1,800 species of Cacti. Each species for the most part fall into one of two core cacti categories, these being opuntias or cactoids.

Cacti come in all shapes and sizes from round and short through to thin and tall. The smallest grow just a few centimeters high and about 1 cm (0.4 in) across. The tallest cactus can reach heights close to 20m and up to 1 meter thick.

Pattern via Bubblegum Belles

Pattern via 5 Little Monsters 

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Pattern via Paper and Landscapes 

Pattern via Stitch-em

8 Crochet Patterns via Planet June 

Crochet Pattern via Planet June 

 Crochet Succulents Free Pattern Here

Pattern via Yarn Plaza 

Image Only via Mlle Mirabelle

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Crochet Patterns Here via Planet June

Granny Square Pattern via Sewrella

Pattern via Super Cute Design Shop

Cactus Pattern via Darice

Crochet Cactus Garden Pattern

  1. Cactus Flower
  2. Burro’s Tail
  3. Ghost Plant
  4. String of Pearls
  5. Hyperbolic Cactus
  6. Spoon Jade
  7. Turkish Rosularia

Cacti Terrarium Pattern via DMC USA

via La Casa de Crafts

Can’t crochet? These ready-made creations are lovingly crafted and available on Etsy for purchase. Check out the whole collection here

Pattern via Manakiko on Etsy

Pattern via Etsy Here

Pincushion Pattern via Etsy Here 

Knitted Cactus Pattern via  Etsy

Mini Knitted Cactus Pattern via Etsy

via Simply Knitting magazine

We haven’t forgotten about our Knitters either. We have found this fabulous Free Pattern from Simply Knitting Magazine. You can get the free pattern here

Cactus Pincushion Free Pattern 

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