This Nature Blanket Is A Gorgeous Free Crochet Pattern

When we spied this gorgeous Nature Blanket doing the rounds, we just knew we had to share. This is a simply stunning project that will become a treasured piece in your home.

With so many amazing Crochet Patterns to be found on Pinterest, the competition sure is fierce. Very few however, can match the sheer beauty of this corner to corner Nature Blanket.

This is truly a breathtaking piece that really does reflect everything that is wonderful about this world we live in. It will earn you plenty of Crochet Kudos and admiring glances to spare!

This design comprises all the wonderful elements of nature that we love including flowers, a butterfly, ladybug and an apple tree.

It also has a stunning worded banner attached that says The Art Of God. This is a testament to the beauty that is nature and is created by the source. This Crochet Blanket will make you feel like you are taking a bath in nature!

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Week 1 Free Crochet Flower 

Donna is behind the scenes at ‘3am Grace Designs’. She has provided us with this wonderful free crochet pattern to share.

She is a mama to an amazing 8 year old with hearing loss.

Week 2 Free Pattern 

For the last 13 years she’s had the privilege of being Ms. Donna to six littlies (ages 1-5) while running her own preschool/childcare in her home.

They LOVE the fruits of her hobby and keep her “To Make” list a mile long.

Week 3 Free Crochet Square 

She picked up her first crochet hook in the year 2000 as a means to keep myself awake during a graveyard shift.

Week 4 Free Crochet Square 

She started with a giant blanket made out of variegated yarn and all double crochets!

It wasn’t long before she discovered the adorable world of amigurumi and taught herself how to read patterns.

Week 5 Apple Tree Square 

Many have reached out and asked the meaning behind the name “3amgracedesigns”.

One of her favorite quotes has always been “Grace is getting what you don’t deserve. Mercy is not getting what you do deserve.”

Week 6 Nature Banner

She says it’s when she’s awake at 3am, fretting over mama decisions, wife decisions, life decisions — that’s when she most needs God’s amazing grace!

Week 7 Crochet Square 

Donna says she’s convinced the crochet community is filled with the nicest, kindest people around.

She says she has met so many amazing human beings through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest all via a little hashtag #crochet.

Week 7 Crochet Bonus Square 

She goes on to say that she’s witnessed so much support for each other through life, loss, and struggle.

Week 8 Free Crochet Square 

When she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2015, she underwent two surgeries and radioactive iodine treatment within two months.

Week 8 Bonus Crochet Square 

She received love, prayers and heartfelt packages from literally all over the world. She says that Hookers are amazing peeps!

Week 9 Crochet Bird Square 

Week 9 Bonus Crochet Square 

Week 10 Crochet Square Butterfly 

Week 10 Bonus Crochet Flower Square

Week 11 Crochet Ladybug Square 

Week 12 Crochet Square 

Week 12 Bonus Square Free Pattern 

Color Change Technique Corner To Corner Crochet Video

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