Learn How To Crochet A Gorgeous Flower Chain

You will love this beautiful crochet flower chain and it can be used for edgings, borders, appliques to name but a few great ideas. View them all now and Pin your favorites.

This beautiful crochet flower chain looks as lovely as a string of daisies! It’s been trending on Pinterest because of all the great ways you can incorporate it into your projects!

Use it as a border around a blanket, edging on a towel, or even alone as a pretty necklace or decoration.

via Happy Berry Crochet

We’ve included a video that shows you how to make it, and it’s really quite simple! We’ve also included some additional projects in our post featuring chains of flowers.

We have included a video tutorial that steps you through the process. You can play around with the colors and use singular or multiple in your creation. If you want a similar look with tiny stitches, you’ll need to use a smaller hook.


Crochet Flower Chain Video Tutorial

In this tutorial, the Blogger used a 2.5mm hook. You could, however, use any size hook you’d like to make different sized flowers. To watch the video, click Play above ^

via Happy Berry Crochet

Just look at the texture of this gorgeous stitch! Now you’ll want to take a look at all of the beautiful projects below for some ideas and inspiration. Continue scrolling so that you don’t miss a single idea. Be sure that you Pin your favorites as you go.

Pattern via Daisy Chain Patterns

Here’s a great use for flower chains – a headband! We think this one looks especially cute on a baby, but it can be made to fit anyone. You could use the pattern listed here, or use the video tutorial above to make this headband.

via Ravelry

Another great headband made with flower chains, this one could be especially cute for a wedding or summer party.

via Prima

Here is another great way to use a flower chain, as a decoration. This beautiful daisy chain looks great in a craft room, as a spring decoration, or even for a special event like a wedding or party.

via CraftsBySigita

This Etsy artist used flower chains to make some gorgeous jewelry pieces – a necklace, a bracelet and some earrings. You could add some beautiful beading like they did too!


We have another very popular project that includes this gogeous flower chain. You can find the details here.

via Fiber Flux Blog

This is another wonderful idea for a crochet flower chain – a bookmark! This free pattern uses these pretty flowers, but you could use any of the flower chains above.

via Yarn Twist

This gorgeous pattern comes from Yarn Twist’s Etsy Shop. It is a beautiful chain of roses made into a necklace but could be made longer or shorter for anything else.

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