Crochet Fruit And Vegetables Patterns

You’re going to love these Crochet Fruit and Vegetables Patterns that we have rounded up and you will be spoilt for choice. Check them all out now and Pin your favorites.

We were travelling around Etsy when we came across these amazing Crochet Fruit and Vegetable Patterns to share.

The featured ones above are sold as a set for and come with a cute Market Bag. We found them on Magic Crochet by Helena.

via Etsy 

As you can see Helena has included corn, spring onions, pumpkins, cabbages, corn on the cob, carrots, bell peppers to name a few.

She also has cherries, grapes, strawberries, apples and wouldn’t they look wonderful in a big bowl on your table?

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via Etsy 

As mentioned, these are for sale in Helena’s Etsy Store so if you don’t crochet, you are in luck.

Don’t despair though, we have included an assortment of ideas in our post for those that want to make their own.

Over on Veronica Kaye Crochet on Etsy she has some wonderful patterns like those featured above and they are available as digital downloads with 35 popular fruits and vegetables. See them here

Crochet An Orange Video Tutorial

Learn how to make the cutest Crochet Orange to add to your Fruit and Vegetable Basket. We have included this video tutorial that will show you how. Click Play above now ^

You can also order some custom made sets from Etsy like the one above. This is perfect if you don’t crochet. They are inexpensive and make a lovely gift too. See them here


via Etsy

Here is another orange pattern that will make you smile, a happy orange! This cute little guy has blushing cheeks, button eyes, and a nice big leaf. This pattern is available here

via YarnPlaza

This crochet pineapple is so bright and colorful it would look great in anyone’s kitchen! It could also be used as a great toy for a child who loves to play house. You can find the free pattern here

via 5LittleMonsters

Over on 5 Little Monsters Site, they have provided a completely free tutorial and pattern details on how to make these Crochet Apples. You can get the full details here

via Etsy 

Another adorable Etsy Shop known as Yarn Blossom Boutique has this collection of Farmers Market Fruit and Veg Crochet Patterns plus you even get a Crochet Bag.

via etsy 

It’s easy to see by the photos why these cuties have such a following and we know that you won’t be able to wait to make them yourself.  You can see them all here

via  Etsy

What fruit bowl arrangement would be complete without grapes! These crochet grapes are the cutest of bunches and you will love to make them. Get the pattern here

via Hookabee

These little berries from Hookabee are so sweet looking and can be made with or without the eyes. They also have a fun secret – their tops open up! You can see the details here

You will also find that Hookabee has many other different ideas in their Etsy Shop so be sure to have a good look around while you are there. You can see the above patterns here

via Garn Studio

These crochet pears are shaped a lot like the real thing thanks to some great amigurumi stitching. You’ll need some yellow yarn, plus a bit of dark green and brown for the leaf and stem. You can find this free pattern on Garn here

via SlingoBusy

This watermelon ball is a great idea for the kids! Who wouldn’t love to throw around a watermelon? Just fill the inside with a light plastic ball instead of stuffing. See the full tutorial here

via Ravelry

These adorable little crochet cherries are a great scrap project and so simple to make. They will be perfect hanging off the side of your fruit bowl. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry here

via CraftPassion

These sweet apples almost look good enough to bite into! We love the ideas here for getting creative, such as the red leaf. You could make an entire rainbow of apples! This free pattern is here

via Love Crochet

If you loved those apples, you’re going to adore these! What sweeter way to carry your favorite crunchy fruit around than inside its own little cozy! Basically, this is an amigurumi apple with two halves. You can find this free pattern on here 

via Gateando Crochet

These Crochet Strawberries are a must add to your fruit bowl and they are another fabulous free pattern. There is an excellent photo tutorial on the creators site. Get the pattern here

via Garn Studio

This Crochet Kiwi Fruit Pattern is another great idea from Garn Studio and yes, it’s a free pattern. You can get the full details here

Crochet Fruit and Vegetable set via Helena on Etsy 

Here’s an excellent bundle that is very inexpensive and includes lots of other patterns that will be complimentary. Find them here

Patterns via Etsy

Etsy has some amazing Fruit and Vegetable Crochet Patterns that are so realistic it’s unbelievable. Just look at some of the examples of what’s on offer from Crochet ‘N Play. You can see them all here

via Down Grapevine Lane

We adore this Apple and Pear Crochet Pattern from Down Grapevine Lane on Etsy. They are super cute and have been very popular. You can get the details here

Pineapple Pattern via Etsy 

This cute little Pineapple comes with the sweetest face and other adorable features. We found this one on Etsy. Get the details here

Crochet Pears Pattern via Etsy

Here’s another Patten we found on Etsy and just look at those faces! You can make them in all your favorite colors. Get the pattern here

via BuBanana

This Crochet Banana from Bubanana is another free pattern that comes with great instructions and couldn’t be easier to make. You can get the details here

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