Crochet Girls Coat Free Pattern Ideas

We have rounded up the cutest collection of Crochet Girls Coat Patterns and there is something for everyone. Check them all out now.

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You will love this collection of cute crochet girl jacket free pattern ideas. We have handpicked our favorite ideas and we guarantee that there’s something for everyone.

You will find a number of styles and they are so incredibly super cute. They are the perfect addition to our collection of girls’ crochet dresses. Be sure to check them out while you’re here.

via erga handmade

Crochet Girl Jacket Free Pattern

via Erga Handmade

This beautiful creation is extremely detailed and has a number of elements that will show off your crochet skills.

This is a beautiful piece that will earn you plenty of crochet kudos! The creator has excellent written instructions and diagrams on her website.

via majovel crochet

Hooded Crochet Jacket Free Pattern

via Majovel Crochet

We are in love with this hooded crochet jacket and it has cute little animal ears, a button front plus also a very sweet bow on the back. What more could you want? The creator also has a video tutorial to show you how.

via ravelry

Girl Crochet Jacket Free Pattern

via Ravelry

This colorful jacket is cardigan-style and has lovely stripes and flower appliques. This is a fun jacket that looks great in rainbow colors and we absolutely love the scalloped edges. This will be a new favorite for the recipient and be sure to add a cute hat too.


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