Best Crochet Goldfish Pattern Ideas

You are going to love these Crochet Goldfish Patterns Free Tutorials. You will love this collection of ideas and there really is something for everyone. Check them all out now.

Crochet Goldfish Patterns Free

Have you tried Amigurumi Crochet yet? It’s easy once you know the basic techniques and tips and you’ll love the results! Amigurumi is used to crochet or knit small stuffed animals, dolls or toys and it’s based on a traditional Japanese art.

You can make some beautiful creations for your own home or as gifts for family and friends using this fun and very popular technique.

Crochet Amigurumi Goldfish Free Patternere’s a lovely collection of Amigurumi Goldfish Free Patterns to get you started. You are going to be spoilt for choice and we know you’ll be hooked! Don’t forget to pin as you go!

Scraps of leftover yarns can be used up for these Goldfish and the more colorful the better. Worsted yarns work best for the patterns and you don’t need any expert Crochet skills.

How To Crochet Goldfish Video Tutorial

Fantail Goldfish come in a variety of colors, so you can experiment with traditional colors such as orange, yellow, gold, black or white. Rainbow colors look amazing as you can see from the photos so be sure to give them a try, it’s lots of fun. Here’s what you’ll need to make Crochet Goldfish Pattern

The Gauge isn’t important for this pattern – you can use any worsted weight yarn to get a fish that’s approximately 9” long from nose to tail. We’ve included an easy to follow step by step video tutorial for you below so be sure to view it. Click Play above to watch the Goldfish Video Tutorial ⇑

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Crochet Amigurumi Goldfish Free Pattern

The body of the Goldfish is worked continuously in the round – the stitch marker will keep track of your rounds. For the eyes you can embroider eyes, sew on buttons or safety eyes. Then use a little embroidery floss to backstitch a mouth – the pattern creator recommends a simple three-stitch smile.

Crochet Amigurumi Goldfish Free Pattern

Did you know … we found 10 fun facts about Goldfish you may not know -:

  1. The collective noun for goldfish is “troubling”.
  2. The oldest ever recorded goldfish was 49 years old.
  3. Goldfish have a memory that lasts up to 3 months.
  4. Goldfish don’t have a stomach.
  5. If a goldfish is left in the dark it will turn almost white.
  6. Despite internet rumours, a pregnant goldfish is not called a twat.
  7. “Jaws” is the most common name given to pet goldfish by their owners.
  8. Goldfish can recognize different human voices.
  9. Goldfish can recognize different human faces.
  10. Goldfish can be trained in synchronized swimming.

Source -: The Happy Goldfish

Crochet Goldfish Patterns Free

Get the Pattern – > Crochet Amigurumi Goldfish Free Pattern

Crochet Goldfish Patterns Free

Crochet Goldfish In Jar —> get free pattern

Crochet Goldfish Free Pattern

Crochet Fish In A Jar —> get free pattern

Goldfish Pattern

get pattern —> Goldfish Pattern

Goldfish Keyring Lip Balm Holder

Crochet Goldfish Lip Balm Holder —> get pattern

Crochet Goldfish Coin Purse Etsy

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Crochet Goldfish Pattern

Crochet Goldfish —> get paid pattern

Amigurumi Goldfish Crochet Pattern

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