Crochet Hydrangea Flower Pattern

This beautiful Crochet Hydrangea Flower Pattern is so pretty and perfect for bouquets. You will love how simple they are to make and there’s something for everyone.

These Crochet Hydrangea Flower Pattern Ideas are so delicate. They look every bit as beautiful as those growing in your garden.

Imagine how pretty they would look filling a vase in a favorite space in your place. We have gathered up the most popular and easy patterns we could find. You will also love the quick video tutorial.

via airalidesign

You can crochet a lovely bouquet for your table, or even add them as embellishments to other projects! Although they look intricate, they’re really not so difficult to make.

It’s a simple 4 petal flower that is quick to whip up. You could even make them in a glitter yarn to give a dewy appearance.

Crochet Hydrangea Flower Pattern Video

This video shows how to make a Hydrangea in one piece.These would make a really nice addition to a shawl or blanket, or even look beautiful displayed in a jar. There are also some more ideas we’ve included that you won’t want to miss below.

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Yarny Hydrangea Flowers via Attic24

These little flowers can be put together to form a larger arrangement, much like the first picture in this post. The pattern is actually quite simple, and they can be made as large as you like. The original pattern page has more pictures on the Bloggers Site.

Yarny Hydrangea Flowers via Attic24
  1. Ch 2; work 4 dc in 2nd chain from hook.
  2. (sl st; ch 1; 2 tr; 1 dtr; 2 tr; ch 1; sl st) in first dc.
  3. Work the same petal sequence (sl st; ch 1; 2 tr; 1 dtr; 2 tr; ch 1; sl st) in each of the remaining 3 dc stitches to create four petals in total.
  4. Slip stitch into the beginning ch-1 to close round. Fasten off and darn end through the back of the flower.
  5. full instructions here

via Lacy Crochet

Tiny pearls in the center of each Hydrangea in this pattern really makes them pop! Each little flower is so simple too!

  1. Ch 5, join with a slip stitch to make a ring.
  2. *Ch 3, 2 tr in ring, ch 3, sc in ring* repeat from * three times. Fasten off.

via Melibondre

This pattern has a nice point on each petal, just like a real Hydrangea Petal. It also gives the options to make a 3 petal or 4 petal flower. The flowers are given that very delicate look by using embroidery cotton as opposed to regular yarn.

Crochet Hydrangea Flower Pattern via airalidesign

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