These crochet lovey securith blanket pattern ideas are absolutely adorable and there’s something for everyone.

We fell head over crochet hook when we discovered these adorable Crochet Lovey Security Blanket Pattern Ideas from Etsy Seller, Tilly Some. She has a collection of popular patterns and there is something for everyone.

The shop also maintains a 5-star rating and those that have purchased patterns say they are easy to follow and extremely well written.

Sleepy Teddy Bear Lovey Security Blanket Pattern

via Tilly Some

We are kicking off our collection of ideas with this adorable Sleepy Teddy Bear Lovey Security Blanket Pattern and it’s easy to see why this has been a best seller.

Crochet Bunny Lovey Security Blanket Pattern

via Tilly Some 

Another of her popular patterns is this Crochet  Bunny. We’re sure you have just the person in mind to make this one for.

Happy Cow Crochet Lovey Blanket Pattern

via Tilly Some 

Here is something to test your crochet skills on! This African Flower Happy Cow Crochet Lovey is a must make and we love how colorful it is.

Pig Crochet Lovey Blanket Pattern

via Tilly Some 

This pretty pink piggy blanket is another one that makes the perfect baby shower gift for a newborn.

Crochet Fox Lovey Security Blanket Pattern

via Tilly Some 

This adorable Crochet Fox Lovey Blanket will put a smile on any little one’s dial. It’s bound to be a favorite!

Crochet Giraffe Security Lovey Blanket Pattern

via Tilly Some 

There are so many cute characters and animals to select from. We’re sure you will want to make them all. Be sure to add this Giraffe to your list!

Crochet Cat Lovey Security Blanket Pattern

via Tilly Some 

This crochet cat lovey is the perfect cuddling buddy and you can whip it up in your favorite colors.

Crochet Sheep Lovey Blanket Pattern

via Tilly Some 

This sheep lovey has the sweetest little face and he’s extremely easy to make.

Crochet Panda Bear Security Blanket Pattern

via Tilly Some 

Lovey Blankets are like a security blanket for bubs. By having something attached to it, the little one can fall back to sleep.

Bonney Bunny Crochet Lovey Blanket Pattern

These bunnies have been one of the most popular in our post. They sure are pretty and don’t you love the headband?

Po The Penguin Lovey Blanket Pattern

Say hello to Po The Penguin. He will help your bub feel safe and secure and he is very soft to the touch and baby’s skin.

Deer Crochet Lovey Security Blanket Pattern

via Etsy

Oh Dear! This deer is incredibly gorgeous and has a very pretty flower headband. We love the blanket detail too!

Crochet Dragon Security Baby Blanket Pattern

via Etsy

This dinosaur lovey blanket is another must make and is the perfect companion for your little one.

Crochet Llama Security Blanket Pattern

via Etsy 

This sweet little lama has a very festive feel and the strong primary colors are extremely appealing!

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