Gorgeous Crochet Mandala Ideas To Try

You are bound to fall in love with these gorgeous Crochet Mandala Rug Pattern Ideas and we have a number of designs you will love!

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We’ve put together a collection of artistic crochet mandala rug patterns that we know you will love. 

You will be amazed at the effects that you can achieve. Mandala Rugs are so beautiful and the right color combination can look breathtaking. The intricate details will challenge your crochet skills and take you to a whole new level. Check out all the ideas now.

Nirvana Mandala Crochet Pattern

via Engimonogifts

What an absolutely stunning creation this Mandala is. You can achieve a stunning look when you get your colors just right and this will make a bold statement in your home.

Crochet Mandala Pattern

via Kim Haaki

This mandala will make a perfect wall hanging and just look at the intricate details on display. It is crocheted with a very fine yarn for an almost spiderweb appearance.

Best Selling Crochet Mandala Pattern

via Etsy

It’s easy to see why this has been such a popular pattern for the crochet designer. The detail in this Mandala is intricate and truly gorgeous.

Crochet Mandala Free Pattern

via Marit Parit

This fabulous Crochet Mandala Rug from Marit Parit has been very popular. We love the colors and she has chosen a blue and violet palette that is simply stunning.

Embroidery Hoop Mandalas Free Pattern

Crochet Mandala Hoops

via Top Crochet Patterns

Don’t you love these Crochet Embroidery Hoop Mandalas? They are a free pattern from Top Crochet Patterns. Joining the site is required to access the pattern.

Sunny Flower Mini Mandala Free Pattern

via Let’s Do Something Crafty

This Mini Crochet Dream Catcher was made by Bob Phil on FB using the free crochet pattern from Zooty Owl Cards.

Crochet Mandala Dream Catchers Free Pattern

via Lets Do Something Crafty

What a colorful creation this stunning Mandala Dream Catcher is and it’s a fabulous free pattern.

Mandala Bag Free Crochet pattern

Crochet Round Purse With Mandala Pattern

via Etsy

Here’s another very cute idea that we found on Etsy. It’s easy to see why this is a best-selling pattern for the Creator. Don’t you just love this gorgeous Kaleidoscope Purse? We couldn’t wait to share!

Crochet Doily Mandala Rug Free Pattern

via Crafts Tuts Plus

To say that this Crochet Floor Rug is gorgeous, just doesn’t come close. We adore it and the soft pink is the perfect tone. We’re sure you’ll want to make one for your home.

Crochet Rose Mandala Doily Free Pattern

via Bella Crochet

Truly stunning is this Crochet Rose Mandala from Bella Crochet. The intricate detail is a work of art.

Autumn Spice Mandala Doily Free Pattern

via Bella Crochet

Another beautiful creation that has been super popular for Bella Crochet is this Autumn Spice Mandala.

Want More Great Crochet Rug Ideas?

We have loads more ideas that we are sure you will want to check out like these Giant Doily Rugs.

Crochet Mandala Video Tutorial

Before you start checking out the projects, you might like to view the crochet mandala technique. We have included this video tutorial that will give you an overview.


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