Crochet Orchid Flower Patterns You’ll Love

You will love these gorgeous Crochet Orchid Flower Pattern Ideas and there’s something for everyone. Check them all out now!

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The only issue with growing orchids is those beautiful flowers only bloom for such a short time. That’s why we are in love with this incredibly realistic-looking Crochet Orchid Flower Pattern.

Happy Patty Crochet is the designer behind these stunners and in fact, she has a huge range of other designs in her Etsy Shop. She gets rave reviews for her patterns and the best part, you don’t need a green thumb, just a hook!

via Happy Patty Crochet

Moth Orchid Flower Crochet Pattern

via Happy Patty Crochet

It is very easy for us to see why this gorgeous Moth Orchid Flower Pattern is a best seller for the creator in their Etsy Store.

The realistic detail is truly exquisite, don’t you think? It’s just one of several versions that we have included in our post. Be sure to check them all out and Pin your favorites.

via Happy Patty Crochet

Mini Moth Orchid Flower

via Happy Patty Crochet

Did you know that Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants? They also are one of the oldest flowers in existence and have some 25,000 different species.

Now you can make your orchid in a stunning mini version like the ones featured above. The best part, no watering or maintenance.

via Happy Patty Crochet, Etsy

Ascocenda Crochet Orchid Flower Pattern

via Happy Patty Crochet, Etsy

Here’s another stunning version of the Crochet Orchid Flower. This version is a man-made hybrid orchid genus resulting from a cross between Ascocentrum and Vanda.

via Pippa’s Patterns Crochet

Orchid Crochet Pattern

via Pippa’s Patterns Crochet

This gorgeous pattern is another best seller for the creator and it’s easy to see why. Again, the results that you can expect to achieve are very realistic.

Here are some more fabulous Crochet Orchids that we found on the site Fiori-Uncinetto. As you can see, they look amazing in different colors, don’t be afraid to get creative.

This Crochet Orchid was found on Loremar UK, the blog has since been removed from the site but nonetheless, it’s great inspiration.

This Crochet Orchid Flower Pattern is from Mary Jane Handmade.


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