You will love this super cute collection of Crochet Potted Plant Pattern Ideas and there is something for everyone. Check them all out now!

If you love to crochet, these Crochet Potted Plant Pattern Ideas are an absolute must-make!

We have selected a number of popular versions that include hanging pots, succulents, crochet cactus as well as a number of houseplants.

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Crochet Potted Plant Pattern

by Knot Monster

We’re kicking off our collection with this best-selling pattern on Etsy. You download an e-book that includes 12 gorgeous ideas and 10 tutorials.

The instructions are step by step and easy to follow. These Amigurumi patterns are perfect for beginners.

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Crochet Potted Succulent Pattern

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Another very popular and super cute crochet pattern is this gorgeous succulent. Again, it looks like the real deal and is bound to fool your guests!

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Aloe Vera Crochet Potted Plant Pattern

via Cloud 9 Knots

Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties and this crochet potted version will bring plenty of good energy to your home!

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Crochet Snake Plant Pattern

by Knot Monster

Here is another very realistic-looking potted plant pattern. This amigurumi version of the Snake Plant is adorable and so easy to recreate.

via Knot Monster

Crochet Succulent Potted Plant Pattern

via Knot Monster

These adorable crochet succulents will put a smile on anyone’s dial and they make a wonderful homemade gift too!

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Potted Cactus Bundle Crochet Patterns

via Cloud9 Knots

Here’s a great way to get a number of your favorite patterns. This Potted Cactus selection comes in an economical bundle.

via Planet June

Realistic Crochet Cactus Potted Plants

via Planet June

As you can see, these very popular Cactus Potted Plants are extremely realistic looking! There’s a reason everyone is loving them!

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