The Cutest Crochet Sleepyhead Doll Ideas To Try

We fell in love the minute that we spied this adorable Crochet Sleepy Doll and you will love to make one for your little one. Check out all the ideas now.

Have you discovered the adorable Sleepyhead Sleepy Doll Crochet Amigurumi yet? We stumbled across it in our Pinterest travels and immediately heard the squeals of delight from our Community!

Is this not seriously the cutest thing you ever did see! We can even imagine Pet Owners making this for their furbabies too.

via Lanas Yovillos

It’s the baby for the baby and what a wonderful gift it would make for a newborn. It will become a treasured piece that will be passed to the family and everyone will want one!

via youtube

How To Make Crochet Sleepydoll Video

The Creator rates this as low on the difficulty scale and she has been good enough to create a video tutorial that you can follow along with. Click Play above ^

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If you would like to purchase a Crochet Sleepy Doll, we have found some for sale on Etsy. Get yours here

Another version available for purchase on Etsy. View here 

Crochet Sleepy Doll Pattern Here 

Crochet Sleepyhead Doll via Ravelry 

Here’s another cute idea we had to share with you. If your little one has a special doll they love, why not make them their own crochet doll carrier. We found this free pattern on Corn On The Monkey Site here


Here’s another incredibly cute idea that you will love. These Pet Pillow Bed Buddies have been very popular and we have a collection of fabulous free patterns. View them all here 

The full written free pattern can be found here

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