This Crochet Spring Wreath Is A Fabulous Fun Free Pattern

This Crochet Spring Wreath Pattern is a cute project and you’ll love the results. Check out all the ideas and be sure that you watch the video tutorial too.

Are you on the hunt for a Crochet Spring Wreath Pattern? You are in the right place! We have put together a collection of the most popular Pinterest Pins and you will be spoilt for choice.

The above version is from Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me. She used Button Flowers and we love the bumble bee!

How To Make A Crochet Spring Wreath Video

You can use a craft store foam wreath for this project. We have included a video that shows you how to make another version.

The Creator also shows you how to make your own Styrofoam Wreath which will save you money. Click Play above to view ^

Crochet Spring Wreath Free Pattern via Repeat Crafter Me

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Crochet Flower Wreath via Sweet Bee Buzzing

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