Crochet Storage Basket Free Patterns

We’ve put together a collection of storage baskets and they are all are fabulous free patterns. See them all now.

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There are so many ways that you can use Crochet Storage Baskets. You can pop a plant in them, or they look great in bathrooms with fresh towels.

Of course, storing your yarn, craft and household items are other ways. Today, we are sharing this handpicked collection of our favorite free patterns and we know you will love them.

crochet storage baskets pattern

via sincereley pam

Julie Basket Free Pattern

via Sincerely Pam

We kick off our collection with this Julie Crochet Basket that is a free pattern from Simply Pam. This is one of her most popular creations.

via make my day creative

Crochet Rope Basket

via Make My Day Creative

Over on Make My Day Creative, this has been a hugely popular free pattern for the creator and it’s very easy to see why.

Crochet Waistcoat Baskets

via All About Ami

Ami just keeps coming up with the goods. Her designs are so popular and she always has something amazing to share. These Crochet Waistcoat Baskets are adorable and handy!

via Moogly

Crochet Birch Basket

via Moogly

Here’s an unusual and attractive basket from Moogly. This one needs to be added to your must-make list for sure!

via yarninspirations

Brick Basket Free Pattern

via Yarninspirations

Another runaway success that has been a viral sensation is this Crochet Brick Basket Free Pattern. This is hard to beat and highly unique. It comes to us from Yarninspirations.

via make my day creative

Diamond Trellis Basket

via Make My Day Creative

Another crochet basket that is hard to look past is this Diamond Trellis version from Make My Day Creative.

crochet storage baskets pattern

via knot bad ami

Crochet Frosted Basket

via Knot Bad Ami

Here’s a sweet and very pretty free pattern, this time from Knot Bad Ami. We love the added scalloped detail and the bow is a great finishing touch too.

crochet storage baskets pattern

via sincerely pam

Alex Crochet Basket

via Sincerely Pam

Another lovely crochet basket from Sincerely Pam, it’s another popular idea on her site. This has a knitted texture and is nice and sturdy.

crochet storage baskets pattern

via elk studio

Crochet Basket Free Pattern

via Elk Studio

Here’s another interesting pattern that has some intricate details. You’ll end up with a unique look and you can make it in your favorite palette.

crochet storage baskets pattern

via Ravelry

Chunky Basket Free Pattern

via Ravelry

Nothing says chunky like this gorgeous version from Ravelry. It’s another fabulous free pattern.

via The Domestic Wildflower

Felted Yarn Hook Basket

via The Domestic Wildflower

Here’s another popular free pattern and no hook is required, according to the creator. We love this vibrant hot pink.

via yarn and chai

Nautical Basket Free Pattern

via Yarn And Chai

Just look at these very stylish Nautical Baskets. They will certainly be a wonderful addition to your home and complement your decor no end.

crochet storage baskets pattern

via crochet in color

Crochet Chunky Basket

Another popular basket is this super chunky version that is beginner-friendly and very quick to whip up.

via moogly 

Birdsnest Crochet Baskets

via Moogly 

Moogly has these gorgeous and colorful Birdsnest crochet baskets on their site and we knew you would love to make them.

via Moogly

Crochet Moroccan Basket

via Moogly

Take your skills to a new level by giving this gorgeous Crochet Moroccan Basket a try. You will love the stunning results and it’s a free pattern from Moogly.

crochet storage baskets pattern

via melanie kham

Simple Crochet Basket

via Melanie Kham

Here’s a simple Crochet Basket that is perfect if you are a beginner or looking for a project to use up your leftover yarn on.

crochet storage baskets pattern

via crochet in color 

Ombre Crochet Basket

via crochet in color

We adore the way these colors have been blended off in an Ombre effect and we’re sure you’ll be very interested to make one yourself.

Rainbow Ropey Basket

via The Little Bee

Here’s another of our favorites and we know you are going to be thrilled with the results. This Crochet Rainbow Ropey Basket gives an excellent result.

via maki

2 Hour Crochet Yarn Basket

via Maki Crochet Patterns

We are in love with this gorgeous Crochet Yarn Basket and it’s the perfect place for your crochet hooks to hang out, literally. This is a very handy idea that you will love.


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