Beautiful Crochet Basket Free Patterns

Clear up your clutter with these Crochet Storage Baskets. You will love this collection of beautiful ideas.

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If you are on the hunt for some crochet baskets free patterns, we have rounded up a collection that you will love. You’ll be so organized and they are perfect for your craft room, or any spot in your home.

Use them to display towels, magazines, yarn, or even the kid’s toys. Be sure to scroll our page all the way to the end and pin your favorite ideas as you go.

via craft passion

Hemp Crochet Basket

via Craft Passion

We’re kicking off our roundup with this beautiful and simple Crochet Hemp Basket from Craft Passion. It’s natural appeal will make it a favorite with all.

via poppy and bliss

Yarn Blaster Basket

via Poppy And Bliss

Poppy and Bliss have come up with this wonderful crochet yarn blaster basket and we love the beautiful colored stripes. It’s a nice tall basket making it perfect for yarn.

via gleeful things

Spikes Basket Free Pattern

via Gleeful Things

What an interesting crochet basket this version from Gleeful Things is. Known as Spikes crochet yarn basket, it has been very popular for the designer.

via pattern paradise 

Himalayan Crochet Basket

via Pattern Paradise

Here’s another very attractive and unique crochet basket. This one is from Pattern Paradise and it is easy to whip up and beginner-friendly.

via Moogly

Moroccan Storage Basket

via Moogly 

Everyone has fallen in love with this Crochet Moroccan basket and it’s easy to see why. It has very unique bubble stitching that makes it a real standout.

Crochet Honeycomb Pop Basket Free Pattern

via make my day creative

Crochet Honeycomb Basket

via Make My Day Creative

Here’s another brilliant Storage Basket idea from Make My Day Crochet. This Honeycomb Pattern is superb and you will love the texture.

Crochet Bricks Basket

via Yarninspirations

Here’s another wildly popular crochet basket. This brick pattern is unique and again something you’ll love to try.

via make my day crochet

Diamond Trellis Basket

via Make My Day Crochet

Another terrific free pattern from Make My Day Crochet is this Diamond Trellis Basket and the chunky texture makes it nice and sturdy.

via make my day crochet

Crochet Diamond Basket

via Make My Day Crochet

From the same creator as the basket above, there is also a Rectangular version. It’s another free pattern.

via make my day crochet

Crochet Rope Basket

via Make My Day Crochet

This lovely and very handy Crochet Rope Basket has been hugely popular in our community. We’re sure you have the perfect use for it.

via all free crochet

Hooty Owl Crochet Baskets

via All Free Crochet  

Here’s a popular and fun crochet pattern that you will love. This one is on the All Free Crochet and is Hooty Owl.


Crochet Yarn Basket

via Maki

Here’s another brilliant idea that we know you will love and it will come in so handy. This Crochet Yarn Basket even has a spot for your hooks to hang.


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