The Cutest Ever Crochet Lollipop Romper Free Pattern

This Crochet Lollipop Romper has to be one of the cutest that we have seen and it’s a fabulous Free Pattern. Have you decided who will you make one for yet?

It really is a case of ‘pretty in pink’  when it comes to this super cute Crochet Lollipop Romper and it’s a fabulous FREE Pattern.

This is the perfect gift for a Newborn and will come in very handy for a new Mom too. Don’t you just love the colored stripes and the gorgeous bow. The texture features that lovely open weave that gives it that very popular vintage look and feel.

Crochet Lollipop Romper Free Pattern  

We have also included some super cute crochet sandals or flip flops that would be perfect with this outfit. They are another free pattern that has been very well received in our community.

We have added a link at the bottom of our popular free baby crochet post too. Be sure that you scroll our page to the end so that you don’t miss a single great idea and Pin your favorites.

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These crochet baby sandals from Whistle and Ivy have been very popular and would be the ideal accessory for the Lollipop Romper. You can get the free pattern here

Baby Crochet Free Patterns

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