It doesn’t get cuter than this Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern. We’ve got an assortment of cute ideas and a video to show you how. Check out all the ideas now.

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Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern

We could barely contain our excitement when our eyes spied these super cute bunnies. We knew you would be keen to try this Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern and it’s FREE!

They’ll make the cutest gift for that special little one, and are sure to be treasured. We have also included a video to follow along with.

Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern

If you really want to get the perfect result, we suggest you watch it for all the useful tips and tricks.

Be sure that you check out the Crochet Bunny Animal Taggies at the end of our post too. Don’t forget to Pin your favorites!

Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern

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Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern Video

Crochet along with this easy to follow video. You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern! Click play above to watch ^

Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern

Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern

Long Eared Bunny FREE Crochet Pattern

Long Eared Bunny FREE Crochet Pattern

Long Eared Bunny Crochet Pattern

Long Eared Bunny Free PatternĀ 

Crochet Long Eared Bunny Pattern

Free Bunny Pattern via Creativa Atelier

Crochet Long Eared Bunny

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