How To Read And Understand Patterns & Diagrams

If you love to Crochet, reading a pattern is vital and not always the easiest thing to do. Today you will learn some clever tips and tricks. Be sure to watch the video now.

Are you one of many that find it difficult to read a crochet pattern? You are not alone. It is one of the banes of this popular craft. This can make you lose your confidence and keep you attempting many of the wonderful crochet patterns that are in circulation.

Today we are sharing a helpful video tutorial that will assist you to learn the basics. When you have knowledge, you have power and we know you will appreciate the information.

How To Read A Crochet Pattern Chart Youtube

We scoured youtube to find a video tutorial that was clear and concise and had good feedback from viewers. This one from Creativebug appears to fit the bill.

Edie Eckman is a pattern designer and author of Connect The Shapes Crochet Motifs so she is well equipped to discuss the best way to dissect patterns and diagrams. We also have a very good article on our site that features lots of Pinnable Crochet Cheat Sheets and Charts so be sure to view. Click Play above to watch ^

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There are many books available on Amazon that you can select from like this one above that will help demystify Crochet Patterns. Having a book on standby that you can reference will come in very handy. You can view the details here.

Laid Back Cat Crochet Pattern Is Adorable

How cute is this adorable Cat and he lays across the back of your couch. It's a FREE Crochet Pattern that you'll love. We've also included our popular Yorkie Terrier Free Crochet Pattern, an easy beginner's guide on how to crochet Amigurumi, plus crochet and knitted Cat Hats!

Crochet Sneakers Slippers Pattern

You won't be able to wait to make these comfy Crochet Converse Sock Slippers and they can be made to suit all sizes from child to adult. We've included lots of Free Patterns in our post and even a knitted free pattern. You'll also find links to purchase a readymade pair. Check out all the ideas now.

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Crochet Ruffled Newborn Diaper Cover

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Crochet Snowman Cocoon Pattern

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Most Popular Crochet Stitches To Master

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Super Cute Panda Crochet Patterns You Will Love

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You’ll Adore This Rose Granny Square Tutoria...

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Crochet Slipper Boots Are Absolute Stunners

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Hexagon Boot Slipper Crochet Is Stunning

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How To Crochet Adorable Hexagon Daisy Puffagons

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Crochet Pansies Tutorial Easy Video Instructions

This 'Flowers In The Snow' Blanket is simply stunning and will look wonderful in your home! Get the FREE Pattern now.

Crochet Flower Bracelet Tutorial Video

How sweet is this Crochet Flower Bracelet! Everyone will love this! Get the easy tutorial here.

Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern Wear It 5 Ways

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Crochet Egg Gathering Apron Pattern

This Crochet Egg Gathering Apron Free Pattern is pure genius and if you or someone you know has Chickens, you need this! It's an absolute must make and we also have a link to purchase a ready-made version as a gift.

Crochet Cactus Ideas For Brown Thumbs

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Crochet Cowboy Outfit Pattern Video Tutorial

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Lamb Crochet Projects The Best Collection

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Crochet Christmas Hats Pattern Ideas You’ll ...

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and it's time to start gathering your gift ideas. You will love to crochet a hat from our free pattern collection that includes all the most amazing free pattens you will find. Click the link now and pin your favourites.

You Will Love This Collection Of Cute Dog Hat Patt...

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Crochet Minion Slippers Cutest Ideas

Are you on the hunt for Crochet Minion Slippers for Adults? We can help you out. Our post includes a free pattern plus you can purchase a pair that are readymade.

Adorable Sock Monkey Crochet Blanket Pattern

We love this Sock Monkey Blanket Crochet Pattern and it's just what you'll be itching to make. Check out the FREE Pattern now.

Crochet Ballerina Baby Booties With Video

You'll love to make these Baby Bootie Ballerina Slippers and we have included free patterns plus a video tutorial that ensures you achieve the perfect result. Check out all the super cute ideas now.

Crochet Bobble Heart Pattern Ideas

Learn how to recreate the gorgeous Bobble Heart Crochet Square and create make cushions and blankets. We've got a video tutorial to show you the tricks to this popular technique and lots of beautiful inspiration and free patterns to try. You'll love these ideas.

Gorgeous Crochet Christmas Plaid Blanket Free Patt...

Learn how to crochet this gorgeous Plaid Throw Blanket that is specially designed for the festive season. We have a video tutorial to show you how. Get the free pattern now.

Bluebell Crochet Hat Pattern Ideas

These Crochet Baby Bluebell Cloche Hats are pretty as a picture and you'll love to make one! We've included some gorgeous Knitted Cloche Hat versions, a Knitted Bloomin' Bluebell, Crochet Bell Flowers and Butterflies too. Check out all the FREE Patterns now plus the Girl's Crochet Cloche Hats Free Patterns.

The Sweetest Collection Of Crochet Bird Patterns T...

What better time to start making some springtime Crochet Bird Patterns. We've got patterns featuring small birds, big birds and every kind in-between. Be sure to check out the Chicken Free Patterns too.

Crochet Moccasins Tutorial Free Pattern Video

You will love these Crochet Moccasins and we have a video tutorial that shows you to make them with a flip flop sole too. Check out all the ideas and the baby booties version too.

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