Unicorn Crochet Hat Scarf Pattern

We fell head over hooves when we discovered this Unicorn Crochet Hat Scarf Pattern and we couldn’t wait to share with you. Check out all the amazing ideas now.

We were so excited when we discovered that Heidi from The Velvet Room had created another fabulous Hooded Cowl.

You may remember her incredibly popular Fox Hooded Cowl. It literally went nuts on our facebook page and broke the Internet!

Well, she’s back with another crackerjack pattern. This time on offer is her Crochet Unicorn Hat Scarf and already the interest in this design has been off the chart!

This unicorn hooded scarf is handcrafted and designed with comfort and warmth in mind…this piece can be made with or without the ears, horn and mane.

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Unicorn Crochet Hat Scarf Pattern Details

It can be done as just a hooded scarf with or without the fringed bottom pockets if wanted. This hooded scarf makes a wonderful gift and of course also something great for you or your little one to wrap up in too.

All patterns written in standard US terms.

*Sizes are for 12/18 months, Toddler, Child, Teen, Adult

*Super Bulky yarn used.

This Unicorn Crochet Hat Scarf Pattern is available from Velvet Room on Etsy —> Get yours here

get pattern —> Unicorn Crochet Blanket

If you don’t crochet but would love to purchase the Unicorn Blanket above —> get yours here

We fell in love when we saw this gorgeous Crochet Hooded Unicorn and you can have one made for that special little person. View here —> Crochet Unicorn Hooded Cowl

We have included another gorgeous Crochet Hooded Unicorn Blanket below. Get the pattern here 

get pattern —> Crochet Hooded Unicorn Blanket 

We also found these Crochet Hooded Unicorn Scarves available for sale on Etsy. They are on a Site run by Kim who is very crafty and they come in a choice of lovely colors.

She has pastels and rainbows, in fact all the colors that you will love. You can view the collection here

Unicorn Crochet Scarf via Etsy Here

get free pattern —> Unicorn Crochet Hooded Scarf 

Crochet Hooded Scarf via Etsy

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