The Velvet Acorn Best Selling Patterns

You will love this collection of best selling crochet and knitted patterns by Heidi May of The Velvet Acorn.

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Today we are sharing our favorite knitted and crochet patterns from The Velvet Acorn – Designs By Heidi May. You will love this gorgeous collection that includes hooded cowls, hats, and other adorable pieces.

They can be made in sizes ranging from baby to adult. Heidi May’s Etsy Shop has around 400,000 sales and it’s very easy to see why.

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The Velvet Acorn – Designs By Heidi May

As you can see by the photos above, Heidi May’s creations are a cut above. They are perfect for blistering winters and many of her designs perfectly frame the face.

Her Fox Hooded Cowl was a huge hit with our Facebook Community and our post went viral for months. There are so many styles that include buttons and ears and big beautiful flowers.

via the velvet acorn, Etsy

Owl Fox Reindeer Hooded Cowls

By Heidi May, The Velvet Acorn

The above 3 hooded cowls are big favorites. They are super cute and will make gorgeous handmade gifts.

The detail in her patterns is truly exquisite.

via the velvet acorn, Etsy

Hooded Cowl Patterns

There are so many different designs, you will be spoilt for choice.

They are extremely unique and her patterns are 5 star rated and come with excellent instructions.

via the velvet acorn, Etsy

As mentioned earlier, Heidi May also includes lots of gorgeous hats. They are a beautiful fit and we love the big button flower detail.

via the velvet acorn, Etsy

Unicorn Crochet Scarf Pattern

via Heidi May, The Velvet Acorn Room

Another big hit with our community is her Unicorn Crochet Scarf. The great news is that it is available in both knitted and crochet versions.

via the velvet acorn, Etsy

Knitted Unicorn Scarf Pattern


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