Vintage Crochet Chicken Patterns Ideas

Everyone’s Nana had Chooks in the kitchen and we’ve rounded up the cutest collection of Vintage Crochet Chicken Patterns and you will love to make all of them.

We just can’t get enough of chooks around here. In fact, we felt it was our duty to round up this fabulous collection of Vintage Chicken Patterns. There is something for everyone in this post and the memories will come flooding back.

Given their popularity, we have been able to find lots of free patterns for you. Scroll our page in its entirety.

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Crochet Chickens Pattern via Ravelry

We don’t want you to miss an idea! View now and Pin your favorites.

Crochet Rooster Free Pattern

Crochet Chicken Towel Topper Pattern Here

Crochet Rooster Free Pattern

Hen Egg Basket Pattern 

Vintage Crochet Chicken Free Patterns

Vintage Crochet Chicken Free Patterns

Vintage Crochet Chickens Free Pattern

Vintage Crochet Chicken Free Pattern 

Crochet Chicken Free Pattern

Crochet Chicken Edging Pattern

Crochet Chicken Border Pattern

Crochet Chicken Free Pattern

Crochet Chicken Free Pattern

Crochet Hen Bread Basket Free Pattern

Crochet Chicken Free Pattern

Chicken Free Pattern via Splock

Hatching Crochet Chick Free Pattern

Crochet Chickens Video Tutorial 

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Cute Crochet Drowsy Owl Hat Pattern

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