How To Clean Stains From Suede Shoes

You will be amazed to learn how to restore your Suede Shoes to their former glory, quickly and naturally. Watch the video tutorial now.

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Today you will learn how to clean stains off suede shoes at home and it couldn’t be easier. There are a number of ways in circulation and we are sharing those that have had the best reviews.

Some of the usual reasons that suede shoes get damaged are mud, dust buildup, or spillages. You can also end up with salt residue from snow. The good news is that you will be able to achieve an excellent result using any of these easy and tested ingredients.

How To Clean Stains Off Suede Shoes

Before cleaning your suede shoes or any suede at all, keep some of these things in mind. When using a cloth to apply any ingredient, be sure that it is white.

This way you will not transfer color to your shoes. You should also ensure that the area is brushed clean as best you can. Using one with strong nylon bristles or a toothbrush will work best.

inforgraphic via Bloomberg

Cleaning Suede Shoes With Vinegar

via Bloomberg

The above infographic shows you how to clean suede shoes with Vinegar. It has proven to be very popular and can be diluted in equal parts water and vinegar. Simply brush your shoes clean and then dip a white rag in the mixture.

It will take some elbow grease but the marks will lift. The very gentle use of a nail file can work and magic erasers or pencil erasers are fantastic for lifting stubborn stains.

Once you have removed the marks from your shoe, let your shoes dry naturally out of direct sunlight. You should then finish off with a Suede Protector Spray which will help to preserve the longevity of your shoes.

Also, be sure to check out how to clean your suede shoes with makeup wipes below.

How To Clean Stains From Suede Shoes Video


Another fantastic way that seems to work extremely well is to use Makeup wipes on your suede shoes. The feedback on this youtube video is that the results are fantastic.

A number of people used Micellar Makeup Wipes which are extremely inexpensive and can be purchased from the store. To see the video and the excellent results, click Play above ^

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