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How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

There's a reason they call it beauty sleep! It's this time your body rejuvenates and heals. You can also burn calories. If you don't get enough, you can experience anxiety and depression and more. Check our chart that shows quotas for all ages and has great info for babies too. Find out the trick to falling asleep in under one minute too! You'll love this informative post.

10 Banned Foods Around The World

We were surprised to find the amount of foods that are banned around the world yet are still on many shelves. We have an infographic to share that is designed to make you aware. Learn what is in the products, why they are not deemed beneficial and what alternatives are available. We also have a clever hack to show you how to tell Organic and GMO Codes at a glance. If you care about your well being, read now.

Left Vs Right Brain What Side Do You Use

Are you a creative or analytic? It has everything to do with whether you use your left or right brain. Find out the personality traits for both and then take the fun quiz to see if you're a lefty or a righty and what that means for you. It's important to have a blend of both and we show you how. Don't miss this awesome post filled with excellent information.

Tongue Health Diagnosis Charts

Your tongue is an indicator to what is going on with you. The colour, texture, all those lumps and bumps! We've got charts and photos that you can compare your Tongue against and find out what is REALLY going on. This is a MUST READ for anyone that likes to keep on top of their health.

Are You Suffering From Fatty Liver Disease?

Fatty Liver is something that affects many. It makes it hard to lose weight and has many other nasty effects. We have the signs and also natural remedies so you can reverse this condition. When your liver is happy everything else is in harmony. Don't miss this very informative post that shows you how to detox quickly.

Natural Alternatives To Prescription Drugs

Around half the US has taken a Prescription Drug of some sort in the last 30 days. If you are one of them, it's time to look at some natural alternatives before they take hold of you and your health. Once you are on the merry-go-round, it's hard to get off. Given the horrendous effects, you may need more to counter the new adverse issues it creates in your body. Don't miss this important post and watch the video too.

Blood Pressure Pills Side Effects To Know

If you are taking Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Tablets, you can't afford to miss this very important post. The effects are doing more harm than good and you need to know what they are so that you can speak in an informed way to your Doctor. Don't keep yourself in the dark. Your memory and brain is deteriorating with every pill. Read up now.

How To Lose Weight For Your Body Shape

Did you know that by eating right for your shape you can turn your body into a fat melting factory? We show you all the proper tips and tricks plus how to correctly portion control. Find out if you're an Apple of Pear an hourglass or square. See how you can target those problem spots and what you need to eat to specifically fire up your shapes metabolism. This really works.

How To Drop 10 Pounds In 3 Days

We have tried the 3 day Military Diet and had AMAZING results. We lost 10 pounds and loved it. This is ideal for those that want to quickly lose weight for surgery or a holiday or special occasion. Only proper lifestyle changes will work long term. If you would like to get your confidence up, give it a try and then make some further dietary changes. Get your meal plan now.

Belly Fat Burning Tips That Work

Banish the belly fat forever. We've got the best collection of tips and tricks to flatten your belly including easy exercises that you can implement and lots of daily changes that work fast. Check out all the ideas now and Pin your favorites.

How To Give The Weight A Big Shake

Is your Leptin Hormone working for you or against you? The minute you learn the tricks to flicking the switch, you will look and feel so much better. It's also the answer to easy and long term weight loss. This is not a fad but it's still not widely known. Learn how to get your levels spot on for your body and experience a whole new way of wellness. See what you need to eat and what to avoid. Watch the short video and see if the symptoms match how you feel. Every woman needs to read this!

GM Diet 7 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan

How would you like to drop a couple of dress sizes or as much weight as possible in 7 short days? This is the legendary GM Diet that is simple to follow. We guarantee it works because we have tried it with great success. We lost 9 kilos and it was easy peasy. Get the meal plan now!

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