Healthy 2-Ingredient Snacks You Have To Make

Now you can snack to your hearts content, guilt free. These 2 Ingredient healthy snacks will be your new favorites and they couldn’t be quicker, easier or tastier!

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Whilst a healthy lifestyle should be our aim, sometimes the cravings can get in the way. Today we’re sharing 2 ingredient healthy snacks that are easy to make and taste great!

To say these ideas are game-changers is an understatement. They are guilt-free and will help to keep the sugar crashes at bay. We’ve included 2 excellent charts that include some awesome ideas. Be sure to Pin them for future reference.

via Women’s Health

10 2 Ingredient Healthy Snacks

via Women’s Health

One of the biggest issues with snacking is that we are not prepared. In other words, we wait until we are starving hungry and blow our daily calorie count sky-high!

By preparing snacks ahead of time, and having the ingredients on hand, you can completely avoid this scenario.

The above snacks from Women’s Health have something for everyone. The banana pancakes are particularly good for your overripe bananas, and the 2 ingredient pizza dough is one of our favorites.

via flab fix

20 Healthy Snacks To Make

via Flab Fix

The above infographic from Flab Fix is an expanded version of the first infographic we shared. We are including it for the 10 additional snacks.

We love the broccoli and melted cheese, strawberries and Greek yogurt, and the homemade sauerkraut.

The cucumber and hummus and peanut butter ice cream look delicious too. You can also whip up sweet potato fritters, cookies, and no-bake energy bars.

Healthy Snacks Video

via Fun With Sara

We are including this excellent video that has some additional suggestions that are aimed particularly at the sweet tooth.

Sara has some great snack ideas and we’re sure you will love them. To see what they are, click Play above ^

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