Bergamot Oil Best Uses Video Tutorial

You’re going to be amazed at all the incredible ways Bergamot Oil can improve your health, body, and mind. You won’t believe the secret powers this Oil has. Watch the video now.

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Essential oils are a hot topic and with good reason. Essential Oils have been shown to help physical and mental health. They can help you sleep better, lose weight and feel more energetic.

Bergamot Oil is one that has been getting more attention due to the wide range of benefits including antiseptic qualities to relaxation.


Bergamot Oil How to Use Video Tutorial

The above video has some great advice on the most effective way to use Bergamot Oil. It also shows you the various ways it can be applied and diffused. It’s extremely important that you know the do’s and dont’s. To view the video, click play above ^

Bergamot Oil Uses via Dr Axe 

This guide, which originally appeared in our Essential Oils Guide, shows you the top 13 uses for Bergamot Oil. We’ve included them below too if you’d prefer a quick written overview.

  1. As an antidepressant: Can create a feeling of joy, freshness, and energy by improving the circulation of your blood.
  2.  Hormonal Stimulant:  Aids the digestive system by enabling proper nutrient absorption. Bergamot can also help break down sugar in the blood and lower blood pressure.
  3. Cures Infection: Inhibits the growth of germs, fungi, and virus.
  4. Relieves Stress: Stimulates hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin, which create feelings of sedation and relaxation.
  5. Reduces Pain:  Bergamot essential oil increases hormone secretions, lessening the sensitively of the nerves that create pain.
  6. Heals Skin: Tones the skin by making the supply of melanin even.
  7. Helps Digestive System: Stimulates the production of digestive juices, making the breakdown of foods in the digestive tract easier. Bergamot oil also stimulates muscle contractions in the intestines, making the digestive process faster by moving your waste through your intestines as your body absorbs nutrients.As
  8. As a Deodorant: Bergamot oil prevents the growth of germs that cause body odor, and its light, citrusy scent gives off a fresh and energizing feel.
  9. Reduces Fever:  Reduces body temperature by alleviating stress and stimulating hormone secretions.
  10. Cavity Protection:  Bergamot oil helps infected teeth. It removes germs from your teeth when used as a mouthwash, and it protects your teeth from developing cavities.
  11. Kills Intestinal Worms: Because Bergamot essential oil kills germs, it’s used to treat intestinal worms.
  12. Protection from tetanus:  Bergamot essential oil has disinfectant and antiseptic properties and the power to kill the bacterium that leads to infections. Bergamot oil can keep wounds from becoming dangerously infected and therefore protects you from developing tetanus.
  13. Relieves Congestion: Loosens phlegm and mucus in the respiratory tract and helps the body eliminate buildup by sneezing and coughing. This helps the body eliminate germs and toxins that develop in your body when sick.

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Infographic via

The above infographic gives you some great ways to use Bergamot Oil. As you can see, it can come in handy for more than just personal care. Bergamot essential oil can also be used as a household cleaner and air freshener! It can even be used as a wonderful perfume or used as a tension-releasing massage oil.

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 Bergamot Oil Uses via Doterra 

Why is Bergamot so effective at treating so many different skin ailments? Mainly thanks to its antibacterial properties. You probably wouldn’t think of treating a condition like acne with an oil, but Bergamot can help reduce the number of harmful bacteria on the skin, without completely drying it out as many chemicals do.

It helps heal sensitive skin issues such as eczema and dermatitis thanks to its calming properties that target inflammation. This also makes it a great oil to use when you have a headache coming on. Want more? Find out how to make your own Essential Oils at home. It’s easier than you think! View our post here

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