Is Your Sleeping Position Causing Your Body Pain?

If you suffer any level of pain in your body, it could have everything to do with the way you sleep. Today we examine the best and worst sleeping positions. Find out now.

best and worst sleeping positions

Did you know that the position in which you sleep can greatly affect your health? Given this is when we regenerate, it’s vital we don’t negatively impact our spine and key organs.

Today we are going to step you through the best and worst sleeping positions so that you can improve yours.

As you can see from the infographic above from She Knows if you are suffering lower back pain, jaw pain or neck pain, there are certain ways to lay that will reduce the effects.

Lying on your stomach is never a good idea. There are some great ways to use pillows to alleviate your pain also. If you have a dicky hip, lie on your side with the pillow placed between your knees.

Best And Worst Sleeping Positions Video

Today we are sharing a video tutorial with you from Kevin Wade a Senior Therapist at St John Clark Pain Treatment Centre.

He gives some excellent information that can greatly improve your body, health and chronic pain. Click Play above ^

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