If You Are Taking Blood Pressure or Cholesterol Tablets, this information is for you. This won’t just change your life it will more than likely save your life in the long term.

There has been much discussion about Blood Pressure and  Cholesterol Tablets and their nasty side effects. The truth is in most instances they are doing far more harm than good.

Long term use of any medication comes at a high price and with so much alternate advice and options now available, you would be crazy not to look at the whole picture. Medications are a mask.

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According to The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, around 1/2 the American population has taken one of the most common prescription drugs in the past 30 days so says Holistic Health Journal and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As you can see from the Infographic above, the side effects actually are worse in many cases than the condition being treated. Then you are prescribed for something to treat the ‘side effect’. Let’s be clear. The term side effect makes it seem like it ‘might’ happen. Effect is a direct cause which means it does happen.

When it comes to Prescription Drugs, there are EFFECTS.

They are supposed to be a temporary solution. Only lifestyle changes will have a positive long term outcome. The amount of effects that are documented and associated directly with these pills is eye popping. You should not want, let alone accept that you will be on them for the rest of your life.

Our independant, online investigations have led us to a number of Doctors with enlightening views that are not financially influenced by Pharmaceutical Companies. The Doctor that we are featuring today is John Bergman who has some great news for those that are on Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Tablets.

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We are in no way endorsing or recommending his suggestions. We only wanted to share this life changing information so that it may start you on your own journey to find what is right for you.

Your body has tremendous healing properties. In order to know  what it is capable of, you must be in harmony with it and able to see and hear what it has to say. Medications numb your body and mind, calcify your Pineal Gland and leave you open to misinformation and taking advice without proper enquiry.

Of course, we are not suggesting that you ignore your Doctor, what we are hoping is that you become part of the process and be more invested in the decisions that you make. Don’t take advice blindly. We have information at our fingertips and there is no excuse to be ill informed about what you are putting in your mouth. When you investigate and learn about your condition, you are empowered to sort good information from bad.

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Your body can rejuvenate quickly and easily when you know how BUT you have to be involved and making investigations. If this is not something you want to spend time doing, you will be trapped in the Prescription Drug cycle.

In time these Drugs will have a massive effect on your brain and your ability to think coherently and for yourself. By finding out the truth now, you can make changes to your life and begin your journey that will lead to a happier and healthier you.

We are receiving no compensation for any of the information we are sharing. We are simply doing this to spread awareness. If you are TRULY interested in understanding how you can improve your life naturally, you MUST take responsibility and be a participant.

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You must also understand that many Doctors financially benefit from writing prescriptions. There are well known monetary gains and this can taint advice in some cases.

As of today, we note that OxyContin will stop being marketed to Doctors. This is a decision by the Pharmaceutical Company. This will be the first of many likely moves in the Industry to clean up what has become an epidemic of devastating proportions.

via Dr Axe

Like him or not, President Trump got it right when he said that the Opioid epidemic is a public emergency. This is mainly due to the overprescription of pain-killers and regulators for conditions that could be fixed with lifestyle changes.

To be fair, it is not only the Doctors faults. They are caught in the cross hairs of patients being directly marketed to by Pharmaceutical Companies in the mainstream media. Many patients demand prescriptions against Doctors advice. They would rather the instant effect of a pill, over the long term benefits of daily changes.

Truth About Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Tablets Video – Dr John Bergman

The above video is the one we referenced earlier in our post. This information is so potent that you will soon see how you can get off your medication for good. This will save you money, save your mind and save your life in the long run. It makes no sense for Doctors to tell you to go for a walk and start juicing, they would soon be out of business. Dr Bergman shows you how to be your own Doctor by listening to your body and making smart choices.

This video is truly life changing and will drastically alter the way you think. Knowledge is power and you need to realise that you need to be invested in your health. Click Play above to watch now ^

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