Healthy Height And Weight Chart

Check out the Height and Weight Chart for Women and Men and see if you are falling in your healthy weight range. Be sure to watch the video for some quick tips and tricks too.

Do you know what your healthy weight range should ideally be? The height and weight chart for women and men is only a guide and there are reasons that will be explained in our post as to why it should not be relied on.

We have also included the issues associated with the BMI Chart so that you can get a realistic view of how to assess your weight.

BMI Chart via Dr.Axe

Before we share the Height and Weight Chart with you, we thought it important to share some information from Dr. Axe regarding the BMI Chart. Before you take any results regarding your weight seriously, it is important to remember that it is a guide only.

Each person has individual circumstances. A common issue is losing body mass and this can distort results.

Dr. Axe also points out that being overweight hasn’t proven to be necessarily unhealthy.

10 Tips To Help You Achieve Goal Weight

We have included this quick video that has 10 tips you can engage to assist you lose weight. Click Play above to watch now ^ 

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infographic via top 10 remedies 

This infographic from Top 10 remedies shows ideal weight ranges. You will notice that the chart starts at 4’6″ and finishes at 6’11”.

It is important that you keep this guide in mind but don’t become down if you fall outside the range. If you are keen to lose weight a great place to start is with changes to your food. Something as simple as portion control can have immediate results.

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