Have You Been Brushing Your Teeth The Wrong Way?

Did you know that most people are brushing their teeth the incorrect way? They are actually causing more harm than good to their enamel. Watch the video tutorial now.

brush teeth properly

Cleaning your teeth is a daily activity but how do you know if you are even doing it correctly. Many are actually working their teeth way too hard and damaging their enamel.

This is mainly due to using too much pressure to your teeth. You may also be using an incorrect brushing technique. Today we share an infographic and a video to view from a Dental Hygienist.

brush teeth properly Given that dental services are so expensive, you may preserve your teeth for longer just by changing the way you brush. River Valley Dental has put together this infographic that shows you the way to hold your toothbrush and how to tilt and angle correctly.

It is important that you don’t apply too much pressure to your electric toothbrush. Whilst the vibration is beneficial, you don’t want to undo the good work by damaging your teeth.

How To Brush Properly Video Tutorial

This video describes how to brush your teeth to avoid gingivitis and any health problems related to poor oral hygiene.

They also compare the manual toothbrush to 2 different electric toothbrushes, the Oral B by Braun and the Sonic Care by Phillips.

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