Candida Symptoms and 3 Ways To Treat It

Do you have Candida? Today we explore the common symptoms and also 3 natural ways that you can treat it at home. Find out now.

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There are lots of reasons why Candida may manifest and Sugar is a major contributor. Today we explore Candida Symptoms and Treatment options that you should consider.

Excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption, lack of fresh fruit and veg and a leaky gut are some of the cited causes. Candida manifests in your body as thrush. If you have a white-coated tongue, headaches or brain fog, these are some of the most common signs.

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Candida Treatment Guide

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Candida is a fungus that grows inside your gut. Normally it is kept under control by the healthy bacteria that live there. Unfortunately, sometimes the balance in your gut changes, and the Candida can start to spread.

As you can see from the infographic above, there are certain foods that are beneficial and others that you should steer clear of. Probiotics crowd out the Candida and boost your immune system. They also regulate your gut acidity.

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9 Signs You Have Candida

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Candida is responsible for some extremely unpleasant side effects. Dr. Axe has listed 9 symptoms in the above infographic.

Sinus infections, oral and vaginal thrush, hormonal imbalance, skin and nail fungus, mood swings, and chronic fatigue are some of the most common symptoms. Intestinal distress is another major factor as are mood swings and vaginal and urinary tract infections.

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Foods That Kill Candida

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A Candida overgrowth releases all kinds of toxic byproducts into your system and causes a wide variety of unpleasant symptoms.

Starchy carbs, Alcohol, processed meats, and foods with added sugar should be avoided. On the other hand fresh cuts of meat, yogurt culture, and non-glutinous grains are also a good choice.

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3 Ways To Help Treat Candida

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Here’s the Candida Diet that Dr.Josh Axe recommends. Bone Broth is also an excellent option The Candida Cleanse is a liquid-only diet for a duration of 2 days or you can choose raw salads and steamed vegetables for 3-5 days. When it comes to supplements, Dr. Axe recommends Milk Thistle, Vitamin C, Clove Oil, Oregano Oil, Coconut Oil to name a few.

For Oral Thrush, he recommends 3 drops of Clove Oil with 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil and to swish in the mouth for 20 minutes. Lavender Essential Oil inhibits the growth of Candida and is effective at preventing the spread of the infection. If you are suffering from a white tongue, which is oral thrush, tongue scraping can be extremely beneficial.

Candida Detox Tea

This Herbal Tea is specially formulated to flush out the stomach and the bladder. This blend supports a healthy Candida Flush and assists with decreasing thrush in your system.

How To Fix Candida Video

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Dr. Josh Axe has an excellent video that not only explains Candida but shows us how to cure it naturally in 6 steps. We highly recommend that you view as you will pick up some excellent tips and tricks. Click Play above to watch now ^

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