The Incredible Benefits Of Chlorophyll You Need To Know

Have you discovered Chlorophyll? It is a new superfood superhero and it has so many benefits that you won’t believe. Be sure to watch the video information too.

You probably know that chlorophyll is basically the green pigments and ‘plant food’ that is naturally occurring in plants. But what you may not know is that green stuff can actually prevent disease, detox your body and speed healing time?

It’s true! And we’ve sorted out all the facts for you below on what chlorophyll is, how you can get it in your diet and more!

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Top Chlorophyll Containing Foods

We’ve included this infographic from Dr. Axe that shows the top chlorophyll containing foods.

Of course, you’ll find that many of the greenest veggies contain chlorophyll, but these top 9 power foods will really give you a hefty dose and are definitely worth adding to your diet. They will give you a big boost and you are not going to recognise the new and improved, energised you!

  • Spinach
  • Parsley
  • Watercress
  • Green Beans
  • Arugula
  • Leeks
  • Endive
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Chinese Cabbage

Important Chlorophyll Benefits

One important factor to remember however is that when vegetables are cooked, the amount of chlorophyll inside them gets greatly reduced. For example, chlorophyll in frozen spinach was reduced by 35% after it was thawed, and a further 50 percent once it was steamed.

Experts recommend to get the full benefits of chlorophyll from these green veggies, eat raw when possible.

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via Dr Axe

Benefits Of Chlorophyll

Here are the top five ways that increased chlorophyll can benefit your body according to Dr. Axe.

  1. Chlorophyll Fights Cancer Recent studies have made the discovery that chlorophyll can actually bind itself to potential carcinogens and stop them from being circulated throughout the body. Effects like these have been shown to lower the risk of certain cancers for in people and animals, including colon and lung cancers.
  2. Chlorophyll Helps Detoxify Your Liver Chlorophyll can also help cleanse your liver! To help keep your liver healthy and stay on track, your body produces enzymes called phase II biotransformation enzymes. Some studies have shown that chlorophyllin (liquid chlorophyll) may reduce the risk of liver cancer and even help repair certain kinds of liver damage.
  3. Chlorophyll Speeds Up Healing DId you know that chlorophyllin has been used in wound healing ointments since the 1940’s? Not only has it been found to slow down harmful bacteria from multiplying in the body, but it also helps reduce inflammation, promote healing and even control odors caused by bacteria.
  4. Chlorophyll Helps Reduce Hunger Here is one that everyone can benefit from – weight control and digestion! Chlorophyll can help speed up waste elimination in the body and even keep you ‘regular’. A 2014 study done in Sweden found that chlorophyll supplements subjects took along with their meals helped reduce hunger, stimulate the digestion of fats, and even helped prevent hypoglycemia in overweight women.
  5. Chlorophyll Helps Protect Your Skin Some evidence has shown that chlorophyll can help prevent skin sores, such as those caused by the common cold virus, or even genital sores caused by the herpes simplex virus. It can also help reduce the risk of skin cancer and shingles, and even help prevent the recurrence of cancerous cells in people who have had skin cancer previously.

Chlorophyll Health Benefits Video

We have included a Youtube Video that gives you some further great ideas on how you can use Liquid Chlorophyll in your daily life. Click Play above to watch now ^

Can Chlorophyll Be Dangerous?

Overall there have been no studies showing that eating large amounts of chlorophyll can cause any problems or toxicity. The only real side effects that have been shown to occur from taking chlorophyll supplements are green discoloration of feces and urine, discoloration of the tongue and some mild indigestion. Although these symptoms may occur at first, they do eventually go away, particularly if you’re getting your chlorophyll from natural sources like vegetables.

Two important factors to keep in mind however re that chlorophyll supplements haven’t been tested on pregnant women, so it’s not recommended that they take supplements. Also, certain medications that may increase sensitivity to sunlight can interact with chlorophyll to increase sensitivity even more.

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