Plastic Bottled Water Does Damage With Every Sip

There is a reason that people are turning away from plastic bottles in the droves. They are full of toxins and chemicals that can do your body immense harm. Find out who to avoid.

In recent days, one of the top trending news stories on Facebook has been regarding Bottled Water. Scientists are warning us to stop using them and today we are sharing what we’ve learned.

Did you know that they’re known to be linked to cancer, obesity, early puberty and endocrine system damage? The dangers of plastic water bottles are enormous, yet we still use them every day.

Dangers Of Plastic Bottles Video

In the video above from Yahoo Lifestyle, researcher Sherri Mason shares the shocking finds she discovered when studying the way plastic particles seep into the bottled water. Incredibly, up to 10,000 particles were discovered in a single bottle of water.

Mason said that plastics can seep into drinking water through the cap, the boiling and the packaging process. This was just some of the shocking discoveries. Click Play above to view now ^

via Meghan Telpner

Dangers Of Plastic Bottles & Containers

The dangers of plastics don’t end with bottled water either. Baby products, sodas, and many other items we use every day are littered with different types of plastics that can have serious negative impacts on your body.

In this graphic from Meghan Telpner, you can see the different types of plastics, what they’re typically used for and how they can be dangerous to your health.

Safer vs Toxic Plastic Bottles

Paying special attention to the numbers on the bottom of bottles and containers can help you identify the plastics. This chart from The Soft Landing shows you what the numbers mean and which are safer to use.

They also offer some very important tips on identifying plastics that may be labeled as “BPA-free”, but may still be hazardous to your health. Many small kitchen gadgets may also contain plastics that shouldn’t be mixing your cakes and cookies.

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Plastics Environmental Impact

Now that you know how badly plastics can affect your health, take a look at the negative impact they can have on the environment. Plastic is an enemy to the earth and the creatures in the ocean.

It doesn’t biodegrade and the same chemicals that endanger us can also endanger ocean life. Even the birds who dive into the water for fish are being affected by the toxins in the plastics on the beach.

In fact, a whopping 92.5% of dead seabirds in one study had ingested plastics equal to 5% of their body weight. The plastics we use aren’t only harming us, they’re harming our environment and the creatures we love.

This challenge from Rodale is a great way to begin to purge your home of toxic plastics, and it’s not too difficult to follow. If you’re serious about getting rid of plastic, follow this challenge week-by-week. Of course, if you need to spend longer on one step you can, but cycling through the entire challenge will help you lead a much healthier, cleaner home in the end. Here is a breakdown of how the challenge works.

28 Day Plastic Purge Challenge

Week 1: You’ll be focusing on your food storage and new ways to keep water, leftovers and new ways to pack lunches.

Week 2: It may seem impossible to completely eliminate any garbage in your home, but the amount you make can be greatly reduced. That’s what you’ll be trying to do in week two.

Week 3: Week three focuses on the products you use for your daily hygiene and beauty routines. Using less disposable products and more homemade or package-free products is a quick way to get rid of a ton of plastic.

Week 4: Focusing on the rest of your kitchen will be a tough week, but it will make a huge difference in the number of dangerous plastics you use, as well as the amount of garbage you make.

Remember, making changes takes time. But if we focus on healthier habits now, we can soon make toxic plastics a thing of the past.

PH Levels Of Bottled Water Video

We have also included this video that shows you how much PH is in your bottled water. The choice you make may well be adding to the acidity in your body. This is where a lot of disease stems from. Click Play above to view now and be sure to check out our post on the toxic truth about Fluoridated Water too. You can view the post here.

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