It’s One Of The Healthiest Things You Can Do For You

Have you discovered the art of how to dry brush your skin? It can have some incredible results but you need to learn the correct way to get the optimal benefits. Find out now.

Have you discovered the benefits of Dry Brushing your skin? We were staggered at the various ways it can help physically and emotionally. You will definitely want to add this to your routine.

We have included a video tutorial to show you how plus lots of great infographics you won’t want to miss.

via Dr.Axe 

Many people dry brush their skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite or prior to applying a fake tan. This is only a couple of ways you can use dry brushing. Did you know that it is also exceptionally good at stimulating your Lymphatic Gland?

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This can remove built-up toxins and leave you looking and feeling markedly better. You can even dry brush your face. Over on Etsy, you can select from a number of Dry Brushes and as you can see by the infographic from Wild Violetta who sells them, the benefits to your body are numerous. You can check out the full collection here.

via LiveScience 

Dry brushing is excellent for Lymphatic Drainage, exfoliation, it unclogs your pores and also can reduce the stress on your nervous system.

The above infographic from Live Science is an excellent overview and they have a comprehensive article on their site that will give you loads of credible information on the topic. It’s clear to see why you should be incorporating this technique into your life.

Dry Skin Brushing Routine Video Tutorial

We have included a video tutorial where the creator shows you a demonstration on dry brushing and lymphatic drainage.

We highly recommend that you view so that you can see how to do this. Click Play above to watch now ^

Here’s another Dry Brush that has been very popular on Etsy. We love the way you can pop your hand under the strap. This makes it even easier to use. Check it out here.

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