Fix Your Foot And Heel Pain With These DIY Remedies

Do you suffer foot pain? You are not alone. Our post shows you the symptoms, what it is and exercises to ease and even fix your foot pain. Be sure to watch the video now.

Foot pain is a common complaint and many suffer it in some form or another. Foot pain can be caused by a wide variety of conditions.

Minor pain and injuries can be reduced with icing and rest. Major injuries may require medical attention, treatments or even surgery. Our post shows you main causes and also we have a video that has some foot pain exercises that will help your condition.

Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain Symptoms

According to Footcare Facts, Plantar Fasciitis is the number one cause of foot pain and sufferers usually experience uncomfortable heel pain. This can be as a result of pregnancy, ill fitting shoes, high arches or being overweight.

You may also experience painful sharp, stabbing pain after physical activity. Whilst it generally affects one foot, it can also appear in both. Find out the other causes below.

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This infographic from heelthatpain outlines all the most common foot pain causes and also their symptoms. We would also recommend that if you wear stiletto’s, you view our post that shows you the dangers of wearing high heels and the nasty effects.

So, here are the list of the most common recorded conditions.

Plantar Fasciitis

Inflammation and micro tears of the Plantar Fascia ligament. It causes burning, throbbing and stabbing pain in the heel.

Heel Spurs:

Pointed, hooked or shelf-shaped calcium build-ups on the heel bone. They may cause pain in the heel by irritating soft tissue.

Mortons’s Neuroma:

Swelling for the nerves in the toes. Pain is felt in the toes and ball of the foot.


Painful deformity of the joint where the bones of the foot and the big toe meet. Can cause intermittent or chronic pain.

Foot Pain Exercises Infographic

Here’s an excellent Foot Pain Infographic from Healthline that shows you 6 very easy exercises that will assist with some relief.

You can use a towel to stretch your foot and even a can that is placed under your foot and rolled. Continue on to discover 3 additional exercises that are not so well known.

Successful Foot Treatment Exercises Video

Matt Shue is here from Upright Health is here to share 3 super simple, super effective and super secret exercises that can assist with heel and general pain in your foot.

Calf stretches, ankle strengthening, and arch massages are all common recommendations if you have plantar fasciitis.

In this video, Matt shows you three stretches for plantar fasciitis that nobody ever talks about. These are highly effective plantar fasciitis stretches that helped Matt get rid of his foot pain after years of daily, constant suffering. His foot and calf pain would start as soon as he woke up and would last all day. He used to wear really thick shoes to deal with the foot pain, but using extra padding in his shoes never actually SOLVED the foot pain.

Even though these stretches don’t look like they’ll affect your feet, they are well worth a try. These stretches have been very effective for their clients that have had foot pain that was unresponsive to traditional physical therapy and medical approaches.

If conventional stretches and massage techniques for plantar fasciitis aren’t helping you, give them a try, you have nothing to lose but your foot pain. Click Play above to view ^

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