Here’s Why You Need To Be Questioning Your Doctor

Now more than ever you should be researching what you are prescribed. One of our followers has taken this advice very much on board. Today he shares his story with us. Don’t miss this!

For many, finding out some things do more harm than good can be a hard pill to swallow. This is particularly true when it comes to health. Most blindly accept, and trust Doctors without question.

The pay off is the slippery pole of sickness. It will be a cycle that is unbreakable until YOU take full responsibility for your life and decisions. This also includes your health.

Are you aware that in the US alone, Doctor-Patient Care is the biggest killer? That’s a RED CARD right there.

Are you changing your approach, or following the pack hoping for a different outcome. The truth is that you have far more knowledge available to you than your Doctor. They are stuck in an office, with a never-ending procession of patients. You are not.

When do they possibly have time to research latest breakthroughs, let alone focus purely on YOUR condition? The truth is they don’t. The reality is, that you do. This, however, means taking responsibility and it’s something that most refuse to accept.

We have shared so many stories on our site of people that take the control back. Remember Cynthia who beat stage 4 pancreatic cancer after given weeks to live?

The day she stopped listening to the ‘white coats’ as she put it, was the day that she took back control, and hit the wellness accelerator. She became her own Doctor and is living her healthiest life yet.

If you choose to rely purely on your Doctors opinion, you are giving away your power. You need to research, learn everything on the subject, watch videos, read books and become invested. If you want the best result, only YOU can achieve it.

Your success will be directly proportionate to your efforts.

YOU need to be driving your health, not watching the world slide by from the back seat, with a drunk driver at the wheel.


This Letter that we found titled “Advice from a Patient” sums up pretty much how we all feel. We do put an enormous amount of trust in our Doctors, and Health Care Professionals.

This is not always beneficial to you, as our follower found. In this day and age, there is so much information on offer.

If you are reading this post, you have access to the internet and can no doubt use Google. You can find out anything you desire.

Jim became far more interested in his health after reading about the side effects of blood pressure and cholesterol. He halved his dose and at the time of writing has halved it again. He plans to be off them entirely by the end of the year.

Jim suffers numbness in his feet. He went to see his Doctor about the condition and was then referred to a specialist for tests. Upon being handed his referral letter, Jim was also given a prescription, something he was not expecting as he was yet to see the specialist.

When he went to to the Pharmacist to fill his prescription, he did something that he never normally does. He asked for the details to be printed out so he could read them.

To his surprise, he had been prescribed Depression Medication. The first side effect listed was numb hands and feet. Jim discussed this with the Pharmacist. He actually suggested that he wait until his appointment with the specialist.

Jim shared his story with us in the hope that others investigate their prescriptions. The moral of the story is this. Do not take everything that your Doctor tells you as gospel.

The #1 cause of death in the US alone is Doctor-Patient Care. YOU know what is best for your body, and what makes sense.

Your body is highly intelligent and can heal itself. The best Doctors are fresh air, sunshine, good food, exercise and rest. Be sure that you always read the accompanying information to any prescribed medications, and do lots of research on the subject.

Ex Pharmaceutical Rep Video

We are including a video of Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau. She is a former 10-year Pharma Sales Rep and Writer/Director of the feature film Side Effects starring Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy). 

In this video, she discusses the billion-dollar marketing campaign designed to get millions of people on medication through slick drug ads and marketing campaigns that include ghostwriting pro-drug articles for medical journals. Click Play above to view now ^

There are also loads of natural alternatives to prescription drugs here.

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