How Safe Are Your Personal Care Products? Find out Now

Do you know what you are putting on your body? Most don’t and today we look at the dangerous ingredients that are hiding out in your favorite beauty products.

Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs everything, good or bad. Today, we are using more cosmetics and personal hygiene products than ever. In fact, 12 is about average and many are filled with dangerous ingredients.

Body washes, shampoos, lotions, potions and spray tans are just some culprits. It’s time to open your eyes and find out what the ingredients, and potential effects of those products are.

Deadly Ingredients In Your Skin Care Video

Just as you read your food labels, so should you with your products.

You may be mortified to find out what you are absorbing. We have included this video from The Doctors that has some great information to help you on your way. Click Play above to view ^

hidden dangers in personal care products

As Dr Mercola says, if you can’t pronounce them, they are not likely to be good for you. This infographic whilst confronting, is educational and it helps you to make better buying decisions.

It is also suggested that you start shopping in your health food store for your beauty products. You will get the best advice and better options.

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Mama Natural has an excellent article and has rounded up some very good information that include children’s products, skin care and even cleaning and laundry products. She has listed bad to best and has some excellent insights.

It’s important to remember that just because it is more expensive does not mean it is better or healthier for you. When you know what is behind the names, you can look for more natural alternatives. We also recommend that you check out our other posts regarding the hidden names for sugar and also the dangers of drinking fluoridated water.

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