A Beginners Guide To Intermittent Fasting

If you want fast results the easiest way, you are going to love Intermittent Fasting. It is so easy and we have a video to show you how. Be sure that you view the details now.
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Have you discovered Intermittent Fasting yet? We have, and today, we’re excited to share the information with you.

It is not a diet or fad, it’s a lifestyle that’s easy to follow that has enormous health benefits. You won’t believe how good you look and feel! Recently we shared the every other day diet and this was hugely popular amongst our community.

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Intermittent Fasting Infographic

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It is based on feast and famine and has intermittent fasting at its core. You lose weight, feel great and your energy zooms!

As you can see by this Infographic from Mercola, there is much to be gained with Fasting. It reduces inflammation and also increases Ghrelin levels. This is the hormone that regulates overeating.

Intermittent fasting is based on only eating for a specific period each day. The longer that you leave between meals and effectively fast, the better your body performs.

As a result, your metabolism starts cranking and the pounds start melting! It really is a myth that we need to eat 3 square meals a day. This may well be one of the reasons that the obesity levels are so high. We simply do not give our bodies enough downtime. We are natural grazers and this is why we find it so difficult to manage our weight.

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6 Types Of Intermittent Fasting

While embarking on intermittent fasting, it is suggested that you also remove bread, pasta, and potatoes from your diet. There are so many healthier options that you can select from and these foods are known for their bloating properties.

Once you experience the benefits of intermittent fasting, you will find you can live on much less food. Your digestion will be so much better and chances are your acid reflux symptoms will disappear! The benefits of this way of life are many and varied.

Intermittent Fasting Video Instructions

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The benefits of Intermittent Fasting are profound, to say the least when it comes to your health and general well-being. We highly recommend that you watch the 3-minute video.

It shows the best times to eat and what to cut out. For example, heavy carbs should be avoided. It’s important to work your way up. Don’t get angry and negative with yourself if you fall off the wagon, simply jump back on the next day. Click Play above to watch now ^

Want More Ideas?

While you’re here, check out the every other day diet that has more information on Intermittent Fasting. You can view the details here.


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