If you’re feeling like your sex drive could use a boost, you are not alone. You will love the Libido Boosting Diet and our other tips and tricks. Watch the video now.

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If you’re feeling like your Libido is lagging, don’t despair, it’s quieter than you think out there. Today we are busier than ever and sex for some can unfortunately feel more like a chore as a result.

Men and Women of all ages experience the highs and lows when it comes to their Libido. The Libido Boosting Diet will bring back your bedroom bounce as you naturally recharge your sex drive with the right foods and remedies. Check out all the great ideas now.

Testosterone-Boosting Secrets Video

You may have always thought of testosterone as being male-only sex hormone. Dr. Axe goes over why it’s important for ladies too.

He explains how both can boost their own levels of this sexy hormone. Click play above to view now ^

The Libido Boosting Foods List

This graphic from Dr. Axe shows you not only which foods can help boost libido, but which can also destroy it.

A diet rich in Vitamin C, Iron and Collagen has been proven to keep your body younger. So if you want to keep your passion young too, try focusing your meals around these foods:

via Dr Axe

Vitamin C Rich Foods:

Avoiding foods that set your body back and are difficult to digest is a good idea too. If your body is too busy processing trans fats and processed foods, it will never have the time to catch your libido up to speed.

  • Vitamin C-Rich Foods: broccoli, oranges, red peppers, guava
  • Iron-Rich Foods: kale, spinach, grass-fed beef
  • High-Collagen Foods: bone broths, GMO-free collagen powders

It also helps to include natural aphrodisiacs in your diets such as figs, bananas, and avocados. Plus, see the infographic above for even more libido-boosting foods!

This list from The Two Angles has an extensive list of foods that have been shown to make you more sexually powerful.

Apparently saffron, lettuce, cloves, eggs and Ginseng Tea can rev your body up and help heal areas where it may have slowed, your libido included.

Libido Boosting Foods For Women

When it comes to women’s sex drives, it isn’t only about boosting desire. Many women who suffer low sex drive may also have trouble with infertility or their monthly cycles.

All things point to hormones, particularly estrogen. Increasing estrogen can be achieved naturally, without medications in most cases.

It does however take dedication to a healthy lifestyle. The above graphic from CycleDork shows you need healthy fats and Vitamin C and B-complex can help too. Increasing activity and losing weight are also highly recommended.

Libido Boosting Diet For Men

Just as estrogen is imperative for a woman’s sex drive, testosterone is for men. This “Manly Grocery List” from Anabolic Health gives a ton of foods that will improve things out of sight. In particular protein, healthy fats and even some healing spices and herbs like turmeric are recommended.

There are other foods that can be enjoyed in moderation and a list of what should be avoided. There is even the list of “forget-it” foods that have been shown to decrease men’s sex drives over time including Beer, Sugar, Soda and Trans Fats to name a few.

The Better Sex Smoothie

If you really want to get an instant libido boost, this smoothie is something delicious you can whip up in the kitchen today!

Full of vitamin C-rich foods, as well as a ton of other beneficial ingredients that have been proven to give sex drives a jolt. You can also find a great video in this article we’ve curated about how to whip up another yummy smoothie! See Article Here

There are 4000 chemicals in a cigarette, find out here.

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