15 Medicinal Teas To Heal Your Body And Mind

If you are a Tea drinker, you may not be aware of the many alternate varieties that can heal your body and mind naturally. Find out now.

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Did you know that Medicinal Teas have been used since the second century BC? Although nobody is quite certain how it was discovered, Tea is still a favorite drink today and has many beneficial properties.

It’s a fact that next to water, Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world with a whopping two-thirds of us drinking it.

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Health Benefits Of Herbal Tea

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The three main varieties of tea (green, oolong, and black tea) are made from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. The difference in their colors, tastes, and properties come from how and where they’re grown. Herbal teas come from a variety of plants and are not truly ‘Teas’, but herbal infusions.

You can use herbal teas for anxiety and nerves, menopause, morning sickness, indigestion, metabolism to name a few.

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Medicinal Uses Of Different Teas

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Now that you are more informed about how Tea is made, let’s check out the different benefits that you can expect when you mix up your cuppa.

This infographic shows the most popular varieties of Tea and what they can be used for health-wise. As you can see, it’s like having a natural medicinal tea chest at your disposal.

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Oolong Tea vs Black Tea

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Oolong tea is partially oxidized and goes through a very intricate process by the hands of tightly trained tea masters.

Health benefits of Oolong Tea :

  • Burns 2x more calories than regular green tea
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Strengthens teeth and bones
  • boosts immune system
  • reduces brain fog
  • reverses acing
  • full of antioxidants
  • craving crusher
  • fights acne
  • energy booster
  • low in caffeine
  • fights diseases and cancers
  • regulates insulin spikes

Green Tea

Green Tea is not oxidized and gross through a less intricate process for production.

Green Tea Health benefits

  • burns calories
  • helps to lower cholesterol
  • helps to strengthen teeth and bones
  • helps to boost immune system
  • helps to fight diseases and cancers
  • full of antioxidants
  • low amount of caffeine
  • regulates insulin spikes

15 Medicinal Herbal Teas

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Herbal teas differ from the main varieties of teas since they all come from different plants. Many of them can be grown in your garden, and help a wide variety of ailments.

Black Tea contains theophylline, a special element that can help to increase blood flow in capillaries and normalize blood pressure.

It can also help people who suffer from asthma by opening up airways, and might even protect the lungs from damage caused by cigarette smoke exposure.

White Tea is a wonderful compliment to most citrus flavors and works well blended into other teas.

It has some serious anti-cancer properties that can protect your body from multiple forms of the disease and can help strengthen the immune system to boot.

It has also been shown to be a powerful antibacterial antibiotic agent, perfect for fighting an oncoming cold.

Chaga Tea is a powerful drink that many people use as a preventative measure to fend off a number of ailments. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the body from infection and disease and has also been shown to aid in digestion.

Chamomile Tea is often used as an insomnia treatment, but is full of other benefits too! The tea has been shown to stunt cancer cell growth, help with IBS symptoms, and even reduce stomach cramps.

Hibiscus Tea can help lower cholesterol and has also been shown to be a promising treatment to help lower blood pressure.

Rooibos Tea, also known as “red tea”, can help those who have suffered from liver ailments by aiding in the regeneration of liver tissue.

It also helps with stomach cramps and gastrointestinal disorders and can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It has even been shown to possess some anti-cancer properties.

Peppermint Tea is a popular variety of tea amongst home gardeners since it’s so simple to propagate. In fact, it grows as quickly as a weed and spreads everywhere! It’s a powerful decongestant, has anti-inflammatory properties, and can even help suppress your appetite.

Ginger Tea is an easy tea to make, whether you use a tea bag or a fresh root from the store. It has antihistamine properties and is well-known as a great cure for nausea. It also has an excellent flavor that can be used along with other teas when you want a nice, strong flavor.

Stinging Nettle Tea might sound dangerous, but it’s actually a great energy booster. It can also help ease joint pain in arthritic patients, and help give relief to those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Yerba Mate Tea is a great alternative to coffee and has a big-time stimulant effect. It can also help lower cholesterol and even open up respiratory passages.

Lemon Balm Tea has a wonderful citrusy taste. It can help treat headaches and toothaches, alleviate digestive problems, and even speed up recovery from the common cold. It also has a wonderful calming effect, making it a great chamomile alternative.

Hibiscus Tea has an invigorating taste and a high vitamin content. It’s known as a natural diuretic and can help lower blood pressure.

Red Clover Tea can be a great help for those suffering from menopausal symptoms. It can also help reduce the risk of heart disease and prostate cancer.

Dandelion Tea While these little weeds might not benefit your garden, they can do wonders for your body! The dandelion tea can help stimulate digestion, lessen hot flashes, combat kidney stone formation, and even help in the treatment of hepatitis, jaundice, and dyspepsia.

Cinnamon Tea not only tastes amazing but can help boost your metabolism! Its also great for lowering cholesterol, fighting off viruses, and even alleviating arthritis symptoms. It’s also full of antioxidants.

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Medicinal Tea Remedy Recipes

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These tea recipes from The Indian Spot give some wonderful ideas and treatments for everyday problems.

Whether you’ve got a cold, headache, or are dealing with some anxiety, there’s a recipe here for you!

5 Turmeric Tea Recipes

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Turmeric has been in the limelight lately and for good reason! This powerful spice that is typically used in curries and sauces helps to fight inflammation.

It is full of antioxidants and can even speed up your metabolism. Given it is strong in taste, you can make it more palatable with natural sweeteners like honey and lemon. This will subdue the flavor considerably.

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Tea Therapies

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If you’re new to the tea-drinking habit,a dose of antioxidants in the morning will ramp up your energy. The afternoon is also the perfect time for some black tea.

Chamomile before bedtime is another wise choice as it is soothing and calming. Ginger Tea is also excellent for an upset tummy.

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Tea Steep Times

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Quora shows the caffeine content, steep times, and perfect temperatures for each kind of Tea. It’s important to adhere to recommended temperatures and steep times as this will ensure you’re getting the full benefits and the best flavor.

Pay special attention to caffeine content too. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, have high blood pressure, or cardiovascular problems, too much can cause big issues. Some Teas contain more caffeine the longer they’re steeped. You’ll need to keep an eye on your watch!

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